The Best Alcohol for Weight Loss

I know what you’re thinking, why the hell am I promoting alcohol consumption when I’m trying to encourage you to lose weight and tone up!

Well, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll never sip your favourite beverage again. So rather than avoid it, let’s be smart about it :)

So let’s assume you’ve earned a night out…your training is on point, your eating has been FANTASTIC, but you want to know how you can stay on track and indulge a little or party with your friends…

Full Strength Beer (425ml) 
It’s a staple for most guys and some women so how does it weigh up on the calorie scale? It will cost you 155 calories per 425ml schooner.

White Wine (150ml)
If white wine is your thing, try not to go too sweet. But on average a 150ml glass will contain between 70–120 calories.

Sparkling Wine (150ml)
Similar to white wine, avoid really sweet drops but again you’re looking at between 70–120 calories for a 150ml glass

Red Wine (150ml)
My favourite, but within moderation of course :) . Most of the common red wines will cost you between 100–120 calories per 150ml glass.

Vodka and Soda (180ml)
Another favourite of mine but this time because you can flavour it naturally with a squeeze of lime or a zest of lemon. This little diamond only costs 64 calories for 30ml and 150ml of soda.

So as you can start to see, a lot of these beverages are lower calorie because they aren’t doused with huge amounts of sugary soda drinks and syrups. But it comes down to making some smart decisions when having a night out and keeping in check with your weight loss goals.

Above all; Don’t let a night out derail your motivation — you may feel like crap the next day but it won’t undo a whole week of hard work.

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