The Importance Of Just Getting Started

While looking in the mirror last night after my PT session, the sweat and determination very obvious, I had to smile. Just a few short months ago, I was so afraid of the idea of getting a Personal Trainer. It completely represented a struggle I had avoided for years and I did not know if I could tackle it now as I was in my 50s.

Listening to my 23 year old daughter discussing her experiences with her PT which I was paying for, as well as my longing to keep up with my hubby when we went to Italy recently made me realize that there is no bad time to start –Just start.

I do not recommend anyone waiting until 53 to begin an active exercise routine, but if you are in this age range and want to finally begin, it is possible to succeed. I was raised during a time when most women were not encouraged to be athletic. We really did gather in gym class at school and chant:

We must, we must, increase our bust!

Over the years I have tried doing different things and I guess from being in the army in my younger days, it actually took the fun out of fitness. This was traumatizing enough for me to stay away from any serious activity. My doctor always sang the same song… eat less sugars and fats, and you MUST exercise… at least if you desire to live longer and be productive.

I drove often to the gym, would watch the fit and gorgeous go inside, I would actually go in sometimes and do an hour on the treadmill but I would eventually drive away comparing my efforts to others. When I finally decided to do something you guessed it, I got a PT.

He has survived the first day with me when I proudly told him, “I don’t do sit-ups, push-ups, or pull-ups and I never run.” To his credit, I now do most of these… not well… but nevertheless, I do them.

That first day ended with me face down on the grass, telling him there was no way I could do a push
up… it wasn’t going to happen. Rev, slapped the grass by my head and said, “What are you going to do, Michelle? What are you going to do if you fall and can’t get up? You need to be able to push up on your own.” His patience, gentle prodding, have kept me doing what I have avoided for years… plus the revelation that some day, I may need to be able to get up… falling is always a reality.

A sense of humor is necessary to face the challenges of working out with me and I know I must be willing to push harder… it never gets easy. But, I am amazed at the difference in how I now feel, after 50 with some exercise in my life; you can do it as well. For anyone like me, who made the bad decision to wait well into life, do not waste another day. –Just start.

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