Heard that before? Good, the marketing is working then (ha). Chances are you have considered joining a fitness program. Whether you achieved what you wanted to achieve is another article but for today, I’m going to shine some light on exactly WHY online personal trainers and face to face trainers run these sorts of fitness programs.

Hopefully at the very least, this helps you gravitate towards a fitness program that suits you :)

1. The Best Goals have Deadlines.

​Whether it be a business, financial, personal OR fitness goal…they become infinitely more achievable when you implement a deadline or a time frame to give 100% of your efforts from start to finish. So you want to go on holidays? You’ll have to save money for that and as soon as you have enough saved I’m sure the first thing you’ll buy is early plane tickets to save cash right? You’ve just created yourself a ‘time-based’ goal. Obviously you want to have as much spending money as possible before you board the plane so you’ll save hand-over-fist before you eat out or buy that dress. This is the sole reason a lot of online personal training programs and challenges have a strict ‘time-based’ window to work within, such as the ever-popular 8, 10 and 12 week challenges. This makes your commitment to fitness easier by not having to continue indefinitely.

2. A lot can change in 8 Weeks

​​The Human Body is a marvel of science in itself. Whichever ‘time based’ online personal training program you choose to follow, thousands upon thousands of changes will occur not just physically but chemically within your body as well. You start to release ‘feel-good’ endorphins more regularly, your blood chemistry changes and your metabolism speeds up, but more often than not the biggest changes that people see are the significant reductions in body fat, the increases in lean muscle tone and the increased athletic performance as well. All of this is made possible by giving the average person a ‘time based’ window to work within so that they can give 100% of their efforts in that timeframe.

3. Got a Wedding coming up?

Some of the best online personal training clients I’ve ever had have been women wanting to lose a bit of weight and tone up for their wedding or women that have been selected as a bridesmaid. I should really be paying the groom a commission for putting a ring on it (ha) because the dedication, commitment and focus these women have is out-of-this-world. But the point I’m making here is by having an upcoming event can be the ultimate motivation to work towards and by default is a ‘time-based’ goal.

3. Some people want structure.

Still to this date I have women re-enrolling in my 8 Week Body Toner Program because they enjoy the results they get and love learning more about their bodies. As an online personal trainer, I’m sure I speak for most personal trainers when I say some of our best and most loyal clients complete a ‘time-based’ challenge and continue to train with us on the notion that they want to see how far they can go in the next challenge. To you it may sound insane, even mad but when you’re given the structure and tools to achieve some EPIC results, you can’t help but repeat the process to see just how far you can go. The Sky really is the limit!

​Anyone that has committed to a 14 day, 30 day, 6 week, 8 week or 12 week challenge before will tell you how great it felt to finish and celebrate with family and friends. I encourage you deeply to try one out if you haven’t already. Ask one of the trainers at your local gym about a challenge they might be running or find an online personal training program that is more affordable.

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