How to Get Rewarded Using Blockchain eSports Platform?

Yes, sure! Getting paid for doing your favorite activity is what a lot of people dream about, and we would like to tell you about one cool tool which lets users earn rewards while they play different games. Here it is: RewardMob is a mobile eSports loyalty platform integrated with Blockchain technology, which allows players to play their favorite games to earn rewards. Inside these rewards can be prizes, tokens or points that help you move up the tournament leaderboard.

At the end of the tournament RewardMob pays out the winners with cool prizes from the sponsors and RewardMob tokens, and players can earn bonus points and tokens by interacting with the advertising partners.

How exactly does it work?

RewardMob is a new platform for mobile gamers to earn rewards for playing their favorite mobile games. Rewards are earned by reaching milestones in RewardMob-supported games which can then be opened in the RewardMob app for instant-win prizes, cash, RMOB crypto currency or points to climb the respective game’s leaderboards — where there is even more opportunity to win.

Also, we have exciting news to share! RewardMob is due to launch the pay-to-play RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship in Q2 2018, where users can either earn tickets by completing in qualifier tournaments, or purchase tickets via the RewardMob platform.

RewardMob for Gamers

  • Play Mobile Games and Earn Rewards
  • Rewards can be prizes, tokens, or points
  • Compete in free-to-play tournaments to win RMOB tokens
  • Tokens can be used in-game or exchanged via Waves platform
  • Compete in free-to-play qualifiers to enter the RewardMob Championship

RewardMob for Game Developers

  • Connect games with interested players
  • Increase game retention
  • Experience 4x game sessions
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Tangible rewards for userbase

Reward Mob

RewardMob allows Game Developers to acquire players more easily and at less cost. When new games are added to our community, the active users from these games are given an option to create an account with RewardMob so that they can earn rewards and compete in tournaments. These users are then exposed to all of the other games on the platform. Once players grow accustomed to earning rewards and tokens, they will be much more likely to search for a new game within the community, rather than search outside the platform for new games to play.

Moreover, RewardMob creates a new revenue stream for the Game Developer through free-to-play & pay-to-play tournaments.

Players are rewarded for completing actions inside the game. For example, completing a level or collecting in game items will earn rewards. When the player opens the reward to see what they have won, the platform shows them offers from the advertising partners. The revenue from these offers is distributed back to the players as prizes and tournament winnings.

Who is behind RewardMob project?

RewardMob has an incredible team of experienced professionals. It includes Todd Koch, who has 22 years of entrepreneurial experience across a variety of industries including education, technology and finance; Colin Bracey with over 29 years of technical experience as Lead Developer for some of the largest multinational companies in the world such as Motorola, Orange, TRW, and Vodafone; Travis Kraft with over 25 Years of sales and marketing experience.

RewardMob team

Also, the team is presented by Mark Walker, the director of gaming, who has background in personal finance where he built one of Canada’s largest UK pension transfer companies; Alex Saunders, a software developer with 10 years of development experience and specialization in mobile app development; Tanner Steele, a software developer with experience in web/mobile application development and game development, and many others.

So, if you want to do something you love, like playing games, and get rewarded for it, we recommed you not to defer and visit RewardMob right now! Enjoy!

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