The Bounty Program of Universal Reward Protocol is on!

Universal Reward Protocol (URP) ambitions to be the overarching infrastructure for all interactions between retailers, brands and shoppers. Shoppers who consent to sharing their behavioral data with retailers and brands will be rewarded in URP tokens. Building a strong community is paramount in order to foster fast and durable adoption of the protocol.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Bounty Program. Over the next couple of weeks and until the sale is finished, we will reward those who contribute and help us grow the community and produce quality content.

Below is a summary of the different bounties available for collection. Additional information and disclosures can be found for each campaign on Bounty0x.

One bounty program will have two different components.

1)Universal Reward Protocol Quiz

First, we introduce a quiz on the URP project. The allocation for the quiz is €120,000 worth of URP tokens.

The quiz is graded on 100 points.

- 80 points will go the closed-ended questions (Q1-Q16)

- 20 points will go to the open question asking for feedback about the project (Q20)

The first 5,000 hunters who pass the test will earn between €15 and €1,000 worth of URP tokens. The minimum passing grade is 70 out of 100 points. Better scores mean increased odds at winning the bigger prizes. A lottery will be organized at the end of the bounty to allocate the rewards to each hunter who passed the quiz.

You can take the quiz here.


Everything we do and build is for our community. We then offer our community the opportunity to provide bespoke, quality work. The allocation for this part of the bounty is €450,000 worth of URP tokens. You can be rewarded with URP tokens for multiple behaviors, such as:

We are proud to launch our Bounty Program today and we are looking forward to engaging with our community on a new level.

Here is where you can keep up with our latest developments :

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➤ Follow us on Twitter

➤ Go to our Website and subscribe to our newsletter

Universal Reward Protocol

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A blockchain-based protocol for retailers to reward shoppers for all types of shopping behaviors, online and offline.

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