Earning Extra Cash with Cashback Programs

In this day and age, everyone is trying to save a little money or make a little extra money wherever they can in order to keep their heads above water. With loyalty programs at fast food restaurants that let you redeem for free meals, why not do the same with your everyday shopping?

At Rewards.com we offer a global loyalty program at all of the top stores and even some you’ve never heard of. This means that every time you shop online at your favorite retailer you earn a percentage back on what you spend. For example, need groceries? Sign in to Rewards.com and click ‘shop now’ at Target and have your groceries delivered while earning 7.5% back in #Rewards Cash on the total purchase. Then just simply transfer your active Rewards balance to your PayPal account and presto! You have money back in your wallet!

Plus at Rewards.com if you don’t want to spend money to make money, you can simply share-a-link to your favorite stores with friends and family and anything they purchase through that link, YOU make the# Rewards #Cashback as if you bought it!