Gardening for Wildlife: Free Backyard Certification

What Rewilding is about is making your architecture and garden hospitable to nature. We want to help you do that — and so we’ll offer you a free backyard certification to make sure it is wildlife-friendly ($10 for the certification itself with the Canadian Wildlife Federation, free for the Espace pour la vie). Our service will help give you great ideas to make your back yard as zen as can be (such as the pond pictured here), while welcoming wildlife and beneficial insects. The CWF will, for a low ($15) cost, send you a sturdy outdoor sign that you can hang to show your guests and neighbours — a well-earned right to brag!

Sign up here for your Backyard Certification, and we’ll arrange with you a convenient time to come by:



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For more inspiration, read one woman’s account on why she did it and what happened next.

A gift for wildlife gardeners who subscribe:

Milkweed is a perennial plant that many insects rely on for food and shelter, such as the now-endangered Monarch butterfly. If you’d like to receive a packet of milkweed seeds, sign up to my list (the newsletter will begin when I attain a certain threshold of subscribers). Reply to your list confirmation email with your address, and I will send you a packet. You can plant them this year or next.

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Originally published at Big City, Little Homestead.