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I’m thoroughly enjoying this show, but it feels like its currently having a tough time balancing the straightforward, renegade robot horror storyline (Maeve), with the reddit-exploding, possibly multiple timeline storyline (Delores,MIB, etc.), and the overarching big baddie storyline that will keep the show renewed for multiple seasons (Delos vs Ford).

For me, I lovethe Delores story…especially the way the show keeps dropping hints, but carefully cuts and doles out pieces to keep the audience guessing. Making the Ford vs Delos storyline the less interesting, but necessary crux to give the audience context, while deepening the mysteries and conflicts.

Which leaves the much weaker Maeve storyline that I least look forward to. As another commenter mentioned, the show spends so much time molding and expanding the other storylines, it leaves little time to contextualize Maeve’s. Between the compassionate tech’s baffling motivations (he went from ambitious grunt to in-over-his-head to ??? with little to no explanation), Maeve’s flimsy leverage over them (physical intimidation to blackmail to throat cutting), and her new OP ability to command the hosts, this storyline feels half-baked, especially when compared to the others. It’s almost like they felt obligated to throw in the renegade robot horror story from the original movie, and cover it up with a strong woman-power blanket.

Hopefully I’m wrong and there’s an awesome payoff to Maeve’s storyline.