Writing Project of the Sue Duncan Children’s Center

A graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Rex James Burgdorfer spent several years with Morgan Stanley before transitioning to his current position as vice president of M&A at Juniper Advisory in Chicago. Rex Burgdorfer contributes to local organizations such as the Sue Duncan Children’s Center.

In 1961 Sue Duncan, a white, 26-year-old teacher during the Civil Rights Movement and amidst rising racial tensions in Chicago, founded a children’s center for black inner-city students. Now known as the Sue Duncan Children’s Center, it continues to serve underprivileged children in inner-city Chicago.

As part of its mission to serve these children, the Sue Duncan Children’s Center gives students a way to share their voices with the world through its writing project. By providing these children with confidence in their own abilities and supporting them emotionally, the center encourages them to open up with reflections on their life experiences.

To read students’ reflections from past writing projects or to learn more about the difference the center makes in the lives of at-risk youth in Chicago, visit www.sueduncanchildrenscenter.org.

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