Anime’s and series that you should watch

This list also includes books.

Art transcends human boundaries.
Nobunaga Concerto

This Historical Japanese series/drama follows the life of high school student Saburo played by Shun Oguri, who accidentally travels back in time to the warring states period of Japan, where he becomes Nobunaga Oda, what’s intriguing about this show is how the values of the modern world clash with those of the past. The show breathtakingly integrates the music and the scenery with the emotions of both the characters and the audience. It’s one of those shows that make you think about new concepts and gives you a deeper appreciation for history.

The handmaiden

I recently finished season one of the handmaiden and I am now patiently waiting for the next. I’ve talked about it before in one of my posts, about how it explores modern day femininity in a changing world. Based on a book by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, this American series adaption asks the question on what it means to be a woman. We see life in a dystopian society through the eyes of Offred a handmaiden who struggles to accept the reality of the world before her. For a truly immersive experience I would recommend reading the book as you watch the series although the events flow differently. The vibe of the show is sombering and keeps you on edge.

Kuzu no honkai or Scums Wish

Romances usually have a conclusion or are left open ended with, “you decide what happens”, endings. I’ve never seen a show or an anime like the likes of Kuzu no honkai, in that it explores the subtles and essences of love and all its forms. We follow two highschool students Hanabi and Mugi as they journey through love, from first loves to current relationships. It’s a romance anime that breaks away from the usual romance archetypes and one that’s worth watching.

I recommend watching the subbed version because watching it in dub, if there is a dub takes away from some of the concepts which can’t be portrayed properly in English.

Miss Korea

Even in the drama world this Korean series is hugely underrated and deserves more views and praise. As you can see in the name it’s about a woman’s journey to becoming Miss Korea, this show is an example of the saying “it’s the journey that matters”. I can’t say too much without giving away spoilers but I will say that it’s a very interesting show that has some loaded topics from how women are treated in workplaces to the struggles of small companies in competition with larger ones, it handles all this very well with a comedic and casual atmosphere. The soundtrack is also amazing not to mention the cinematography. If you can’t already tell it’s one of my favorites and I can’t recommend it enough.

Home Going

Being a Ugandan-Canadian this book resonates with me and to summarize it, the book explores the effects of slavery on two generations of family and how it can drastically impact and change people. It’s a good read that explores concepts that still effect thousands of people to this day. To simply put it, it’s a book of humanity.

*Bonus works

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

If you like chill shows, this is one I recommend. The concept of the anime is to parody game-based shows and it does this by exploring what would realistically happen if you were thrown into a new world as an adventurer. This anime breaks a lot of stereotypes that are prevalent in the anime world. So far it has two seasons out.


This is an anime that I happened to stumble upon and I’m glad I did because it is amazing. The content is heavy with themes like prostitution, slavery, drug addiction and rape just to name a few in its under current but it handles this with an easygoing vibe that takes you along for the ride. The animation and artistry is an added bonus. Only one season has been released as of late.

And here on I end my list thank you for reading.
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