Is Trump America’s President?

Only 2 out of 10 people in the U.S. expressly supported Trump with their vote

There are some note-worthy facts that Trump supporters and the media choose to ignore in the follow-up to one of the worst elections we have had in America.

It’s all about perspective, so let’s put things into a logical vista here. Let’s look at the actual numbers and compare them to what people are saying.

At the time that I write this (December 3, 2016), 62.6 million votes are what Trump has received, of those which have been counted. A big number, many would say, especially when Trump supporters and social media gurus prominently display the color red on the map of the U.S.. But is this the reality of America? I mean, how does it compare with the rest of the country in reality and in truth?

“73 million people who cast a vote did so in direct opposition to Trump.”

As of this time, 65.2 million people voted for Clinton, beating Trump by about 2.5 million votes. Another 8 million voted for a Third Party candidate, including myself, a number that has quadrupled since the last election. This brings the total to 73.2 million people who voted directly in opposition to Trump. Thus, the majority of voters who went to the polls actually voted against Trump! Clearly not my standard of a ‘winner’ in a contest, but anyway, let’s continue.

90 million voters, moreover, didn’t vote because of the toxic atmosphere that both major party candidates created in America. It was the lowest turnout in 20 years with only 55% of voters casting ballots. Thus, Trump ‘won’ with the lowest voter turnout in recent history.

Now let’s add up the numbers and see how they fair with the rest of America. If one adds the number of dissatisfied voters (90 million) together with those who voted in direct opposition to Trump (73 million), the total comes out to a whopping 163 million people who did not expressly support him. This is 6 out of every 10 adult voters in the U.S., or 62% to be more exact.

“62% of eligible voters were either in direct opposition to Trump, or did not expressly support him”

Mind you, I am writing about eligible voters, not including minors, permanent residents, foreigners on visas, tourists, undocumented, those with a criminal record who cannot vote, and citizens who were not eligible because they were not residents of their state at the time.

The numerical case is clear. 163 million people either voted against Trump directly or didn’t cast a ballot in support for him to be elected to the highest office of the United States.

Now, one more number that the media always forgets to factor in: the entire U.S. population.

“Only 19% of the entire U.S. population directly endorsed Trump with their vote”

Compare the 62 million votes Trump received in comparison with the entire population of the U.S., which is 325 million, and we see another stark contrast to what Trump supporters are saying, that America “has spoken,” that Trump “won” by a huge margin, and that “it was the will of the people.” Is this really winning, though? And is it really the will of the people? Hardly.

62 million out of 325 million definitely puts things into perspective. It means that only 19% of the population actually endorsed him, and it also means that 81% of Americans either don’t want him, don’t support him, can’t endorse him, or simply don’t care for him altogether. This is an enormous majority.

What can we conclude about all this? First, the majority of eligible voters in America did not directly vote in support for Trump. In fact, the actual majority of voters voted directly in opposition to him. That is clear from the total vote counts given above, but he ‘won’ because of the electoral college system.

“8 out of 10 Americans do not expressly support Trump.”

Second, the majority of the American population (81%) doesn’t feasibly support him. That’s 8 out of every 10 people. In reality, these 263 million people altogether do not (or cannot) support him. That is a lot of people!

Third, the system needs to change, from allowing other party members in debates, to possibly changing the electoral college system. The American people should not be hedged into a two-party mentality anymore. There needs to be freedom in debates and freedom of choice with regard to candidates.

The message should be logically clear by now: Trump is not popular with Americans because the majority do not support him.

It’s also clear from these numbers that, in reality, only 2 out of 10 people in the country actually supported Trump with their vote, and many are already changing their minds, given the broken promises he has committed even before taking office. This is not exactly winning in my book, nor is it representative of America as the “will of the people.”

Is Trump America’s president? Not yet, technically…and if he does not get impeached as soon as he is inaugurated.

I do hope for the best for America. I will pray for him, if and when he continues in Office. But I will also speak out against any corruption no matter which side of the political spectrum, for I am neither a Democrat or a Republican. I am an American. I am a patriot. I am Pro-Constitution and anti-corruption.