How Do You Easily Forget?

“Eventually, you’ll forget me. Forget us. I’m sorry, I’m madly in love with him.”

That’s the last thing you said to me, with deep breath and a tap on my back. The last time I heard your voice, the voice I’m missing so much. That was the day you said goodbye, leaving all the things you borrowed from me. The day you left me hanging, the day you said you were in love with our friend.

How can you easily forget someone who gave you a lot of things to remember?

Is it as easy as waking up from a dream, and forgetting all the details you’ve just dreamt of? Or as easy as forgetting someone from your place that you didn’t see for a long time and you just smile because you can’t remember his name?

Is it as easy as forgetting your native language because you don’t use it every day on your new place? Or as easy as the course you’ve taken up in college that you probably don’t use on your job, so you just forget it and its importance?

Is it as easy as forgetting me and ending up with a new one after a week? Or as easy as hurting me when I see you fetch him to and from our school?

Honestly, I don’t know. I really don’t know. I’m hoping someone out there can give me an answer.

I’ve done my best to forget you boy. I’ve tried closing my eyes and hoping that I’ll forget you instantly. But hoping was a failure after all.

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