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On Saturday September 25th at 18:00 UTC we will be supplying liquidity to our BSC Rezerve + BUSD pair. Contract address below.

Rezerve BSC: 0x18F054d49ddf2C9a8D1e986f21AC4790B0a8Af48

Vault BSC: 0xE98afdcA19213F44398e97872B76Fd1B01F9a9A2

As for marketing we have Coinbound, the leading crypto marketing company, starting Oct. 4th. This will include a top YouTube influencer as…

Rezerve update.

Our Rezerve on BSC launch has been officially set for September 24th 2021.

Team will be providing initial liquidity.

There will be NO presale.

Tax structure to be announced.

Tokenomics to be announced.

$25,000 initial market cap.

This date was chosen because this is around the time coinbound…

We are pleased to announce that we have a marketing strategy/initial meeting with Coinbound on September 2nd. If you are unfamiliar with Coinbound they are an extremely well established crypto marketing firm. We urge you to check into them and their credentials. …

Hi everyone! After an intense, but productive meeting by the Rezerve team we have decided to alter our approach. We have been listening to the feedback given recently, which has greatly contributed to this decision. …

Post fork BSC plans

Hi, all. We have successfully forked the Rezerve token. Now that our vault protocols are functioning at 100%, we feel comfortable with adding a Rezerve token on the Binance Smart Chain. We have considered this choice carefully. Why launch on another so soon after our launch on Ethereum? The team…

Hi all,

The team at RZRV has completed testing on the fork. We aim to roll out the updated RZRV token at 3a EST on Sunday — 8/22. (7a UTC) This allows us time to update the vault user interface, etc.

So what do you have to do? Absolutely nothing…

Sunday, August 15th Live AMA Recap.

Thanks to all who could join us at tonight’s AMA! If you were unable to make it, or would just like a refresher, then check out the recap. below.


The Basics — We have set up several AMAs in other communities coming up…

Mainnet Launch — 2021

We have liftoff!

Rezerve is live on the Ethereum mainnet! Despite a couple of setbacks during the audit process, we have launched with a secure and thoroughly audited smart contract. During the audit process, a dormant feature in our contract was activated, the reflect function. We have decided to leave…

What to expect on Launch day!

We have been diligently preparing for launch day and we would like to briefly go over a few things so that everyone understands fully the events that will take place on launch day.

Tax on buys will start at 5% and increase 1% each…

Regarding the postponement of the RZRV launch:

We are very happy with our decision to hire two highly respected companies to audit our smart contracts. The Rezerve team showed great foresight when choosing two companies that we felt would complement each other well. …


Dai vault backed token with exciting new and revolutionary protocols and an absolute price floor that rises on every trade!

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