Preparing for launch!

Preparing for a launch is a meticulous process that involves many moving pieces! We would like to share a little of what has gone into preparing for Rezerve, the revolutionary new project brought to you by the Hedgehog DAO.

Let’s jump right into the numbers. RZRV’s tokenomics are as follows:

Total Supply: 21,000,000

Liquidity Pair: DAI

Team Tokens: 10% (2,100,000 Locked)

Team Members: 8

Private Sale: 54% (11,340,000) @ .0476

Private Sale Vesting: 10% of tokens released every 7 days beginning one-week post-launch

Liquidity: 36% (7,560,000) vs 380,000 Dai @.0502

Here are some of the many ways the team has been preparing for the launch of Rezerve:

We have rigorously tested our 3 smart contracts to ensure that, not only are they prepared for a flawless launch, but that they also function as designed over the long term. We believe that a seamless experience and secure contracts are outrageously important for a successful project. To ensure the integrity of our contracts we opted to undergo complete audits by two world-renowned auditing teams — CertiK and Ape audits. We are excited to share the end result with you!

Next, let’s dive into marketing! We have been working on everything from contests, to press releases & social media campaigns. On launch day we will have several press releases. Our social media campaigns will go live as well. We have onboarded a multitude of influencers and are currently in the process of onboarding more. Rezerve will be advertised on many blockchain-oriented websites, including highly used charting sites. Additionally, many contests will be held in the early months.

The team has worked very hard on our branding, website, and UI. As outlined, we have been VERY busy over the last several months. We firmly believe that our project and cutting-edge protocols will easily propel this project into the stratosphere.

We are currently completing the process of a private KYC with a trusted 3rd party.

We hope that you will spend a few moments to read over our litepaper and join us on TG or discord and to any questions you may have.

Best wishes,

The Rezerve Team.





CertiK audit proof:



Dai vault backed token with exciting new and revolutionary protocols and an absolute price floor that rises on every trade!