But Who Do They Give Cards To On Fathers Day?

As social media reacts to the killing of yet another African American man Alton Sterling , many narratives will be created from that humid July night. Many will be outraged as I have been, filling our social media accounts with pictures , quotes , and videos to express our anger over this lynching caught on video. Several videos have surfaced the one of his son breaking down during an interview made it all the more real. During these emotional times we often hear a side yelling that if he would have just complied everything would’ve been fine. This would not have happened. We then hear a another side often fed up with explaining why there is a problem with the police using deadly force to handle altercations with black and brown men and women. These are the two narratives that echo the loudest. But what about the people left to pick up the broken pieces of their lives that will never be the same, the mother of his children that must be strong for her children in the day and weep for the loss of her love at night. The parents that must bury their child, a thought that never had to cross their minds. Friends and extended family that must help plan a funeral for someone they just saw over the weekend. And most importantly his children who lost their hero. Rest In Power King you will vilified by some, but will remain a hero to the ones that matter.

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