Conversations At The Crib

(What The Good Doctor Reminded Me )

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Last Thursday I got the chance to attend a talk by Dr. Mark Lamont Hill. This was not just any regular talk or appearance to plug his book entitled “Nobody “ Causalities of America’s War on the Vulnerable from Freguson to Flint & Beyond. This was more of a conversation between family and friends in the living room at grandma’s house, a rather crowded living room at The University of Penn, but a living room nonetheless. As the crowd of creatives, entrepreneurs, policy makers, teachers, and even students, he spoke on the killings of black men, women, and children at the hands of unfit law enforcement. More importantly he expressed his views on how the community had killed Mike Brown even before Darren Wilson pulled the trigger. One of his examples was a failed educational system. He explained how social media was used to provide a real picture of what was happening on the streets after Mike Brown was killed and left for hours in the hot August sun with a sheet barely covering his body. He explained how protesters were gassed and some even being shot. Marc spoke about how the problems of inequality were transferred to Flint and the lingering effects on poisoned water on the residents. The overall message was that a lack of resources whether it be communal, financial, or educational led to many of the problems that can show up in any soci-economic community that are lacking proper resources . The conversation dived into the political realm as well bringing up surprising points and reasons to look at Jill Stein as a legit option for this upcoming election. The ending message of the conversation was even with everything going on in the world we must FIND SPACE FOR JOY, FIND TIME TO BE CREATIVE. And most importantly don’t be afraid to talk to a professional about these issues, venting is healthy.