Real Connections Matter

A status I posted about an hour ago to my Facebook page that seemed to sum up several thoughts I’ve been having lately. Whether its relationships, friendships or even social movements, genuine, real connections matter. In a couple conversations I’ve been having responsibility and self-awareness have been reoccurring themes as well. I can say right now at 25 I thought I’d have it all figured out, and be well on my way to living out the life I envisioned for myself time and time again during my walks on campus while in undergrad. But I’m not where I thought I would be , and why is that? I told a friend “everything and everywhere we are at in life currently is due to decisions and choices we made”. That’s it, I led myself to this spot , sure there may have been outside influences but for the most part its me. Sure it seems easy enough to come up with, but how many of us are guilty of placing the blame on other people or events in certain situations so that we feel better about ourselves? It’s easy to disassociate ourselves from having fault because it makes it easier to accept the reality of situation. But is that really the best way? We do this in our friendships and relationships as well, we take these real connections for granted. Until it’s too late, then we’re left to figure out what made everything fall apart. There is nothin’ wrong with taking a step back and attempting to understand how our actions trickle out to other parts of our life.

As I began to think about how our actions shape and correlate to our experiences and realities, the idea of how valuable connections truly are started to surface. To break that down further most times we make decisions based solely on how it will satisfy whatever we are desiring at the moment which allows us to turn a blind eye to other things going on around us. For example in traffic while rushing to the store we look over the homeless vet as just another structure in the landscape.When we make that connection that we are truly never that far from their spot , we instead begin to view them as an actual person. I have been guilty of this selective compassion or awareness as well. The protest around #NODAPL while I agreed with the Native People’s struggle I was able to forget about it, like a outta sight outta mind thing. It was not until I saw the horrible things happening to these unarmed, peaceful protesters did I really identify and understand the gravity of the situation. A people who had been historically slaughtered, and forced from their own land ( sharing a similar story to ours) just wanted to keep this little piece of sacred land safe, and unharmed from capitalist interests.

The biggest take away for this post is that what we do and how we treat people matter. Now am I perfect at this hell no I fall short everyday but I am becoming more aware, and I am working towards improvement.