Major Key: DJ Khaled, An Unlikely Source For Motivation & Inspiration

Danielle Young
Jan 7, 2016 · 3 min read

They don’t want you to be inspired.

I started following DJ Khaled on Snapchat after one of my friends snapped me telling me it’s the best thing I can do with my life. Rolling my eyes, I found Khaled and added him on Snapchat.

And before I go any further, let me make this perfectly clear: DJ Khaled has always given me the creeps. His whispered mantra, “Another one,” sent chills sprouting out of my scalp and down my spine, when he aggressively repeated it between kisses with his “How Many Times” video models.

But, after following him on Snapchat, not only do I find him absolutely endearing, but I want a pair of his “Another One” slides. What has happened to me?!

The first time I watched, DJ Khaled was jetskiing through a Miami, getting lost at sea in the pitch black of the night while trying to visit Rick Ross, walking on his marble floors asking his Chef Dee what she has for him and asking that one random white kid (Ben), “How’s business,” to which Ben would reply, “Boomin!”

It was like a confusing melodrama that was laced in positivity. From treadmill talk to the pathway of more success, to the LION in his garden to the metaphors he sprouts while riding up and down his home elevator, DJ Khaled is not only the new face of Snapchat success, but he’s the new face of motivation and inspiration in life. What. Is. Happening. Here!?

I’ve been on plenty of fad diets, denouncing carbs and praising water, but none of them have the power to create consistency in me. But you know what does?

When DJ Khaled details his meals everyday and most of them include…(in my Khaled voice) water, I can’t help but also want to gulp down the major key to success. And it makes me happy knowing that I’ve made a better choice.

It’s the same when I sit down to eat the food “they” don’t want me to have — before I bless (up) the food, I look at it and wonder if “they” wouldn’t want me to have the meal. If “they” don’t, then I eat it, with pleasure, knowing that “they” would rather see me starve. Said meal is usually a healthy one, thanks to Khaled.

That “they” perplexes a lot of people who follow Khaled and those people take his “they” as a joke. But the “they” Khaled is talking about in his Snaps are the people who want nothing more than to see you fail. Call them enemies, call them haters or even call them friends, but there’s people in your life who hate it when you win. They’re much happier when you’re struggling, or are depressed or failing.

In one of Khaled’s Snaps, he said, “They will try to close the door on you. Just open it. Just open it. We don’t see them. We will never stop.”

Whether you know it or not, if you’re making any positive moves in your life, there’s people who pray, wish or hope against you. “They” might even smile in your face, but behind closed doors, they’re betting against you. Khaled knows these people and realizes that they’re always going to try to keep your door closed. “Just open it,” he says.

I want success and in order to get there, I have to use the keys. There’s plenty of keys, but it’s up to you to decipher how you use them.

In many of DJ Khaled’s snaps, he says jewels like, “It’s called being good. It’s called love. It’s called clean heart, clean soul. It’s called be better than them. Be focused.”

Once you get past his quirky ways of delivering the message and accept the message for what it is — you’ll be inspired too. I’m not moved by waify white women sitting cross-legged on a beach, whispering affirmations. But I am moved by DJ Khaled, sweating on the elliptical machine, telling me what it takes to win.

Bless up.

Danielle Young

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Pretty, witty, girly, worldly. One who likes to party but comes home early. Boldly telling stories with heart, sass & humor. Prince called me ‘excellence’ once.

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