How “Definitely” Autocorrects in My Students’ Writing Assignments

If I’d known I’d have to write essays in art school, I defiantly wouldn’t have enrolled.

I defiantly won’t be turning any of my assignments in on time and I’ll defiantly be asking you for extensions on all of them. Yes, I read your “no late work” policy — why do you ask?

I am defiantly going to use a number of big words that I don’t know the meaning of. I mean, I want to sound smart and all but I defiantly don’t care enough to look these things up.

I defiantly don’t believe in the left-brained constraint of paragraphs or periods so I’m just going to write every thought that comes into my head as a five-page sentence and call it an essay because I AM AN ARTIST I hope that’s not a problem

I don’t really know the purpose of the semicolon but I defiantly like to use it sometimes as, like, a sentence fashion accessory.

I defiantly think that if all else fails I will land an awesome job; with my mad Photoshop skillz.

A writer of things and a teacher of writing things

A writer of things and a teacher of writing things