No Cake For You, Part Deux
James Finn

I am torn by the SCOTUS decision; it’s lamentable but we should remember that the letter of the law is supposed to be blind and, having read the case law and the resulting SC verdict, I must grudgingly accept that the ruling has a point.

We all benefit in the long run from an unbiased legal process, and the Colorado authorities displayed bias. Yes, it’s a good, noble, heartwarming, encouraging bias that celebrates the good and beautiful and derides the detestable. But, it is a bias regardless of its nature. It’s hard to step back and view it objectively in that light, but unfortunately good and evil are not simple concepts to be trotted out as we please when it suits us.

I don’t think Phillips is an evil man. He has been taught to think and act in ways that have an evil outcome.

The upshot — Phillips is emboldened by his success in his prior appeal and is too stupid to recognise his faux pas. He is now plying his hateful art on a wave of confidence and is in for a royal, class-A, honest-to-goodness, dinkum oil, right proper fucking up in court. The Colorado authorities will be on their guard a second time round and he’s going to have a torrid time.

It’s Part Duh… and, frankly, my schadenfreude corpuscle is gyrating in anticipation.

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