LIMBO TIME (may-september 2016)

It feels SO GOOD doing nothing.

Baby I don’t want these weeks to end, don’t u realise how GOOD is it not having to do anything.

Ive done a lot more than I planned though. It’s been a period of sorting myself for 2nd year and boy am I prepped

£30+ on colourful pens and I am READY for year 2.

I got a brown book for exhibitions etc. I got a kinda off white book for little project things i do in my spare time. I got a grey book for I’m not sure yet. I got a black book for artists/people/things I get some inspiration from. And I’m currently trying to learn German in a little red book I bought for 20p with a German note left inside.

My kinda off white book is becoming my favourite- so far. If this summer was a book it would be my kinda off white book: no stress no mess no more no less. All the little ideas I’ve had throughout the year and all the things I would do and never take any further/scribble on a post it and forget about, I CAN PUT IN THE KINDA OFF WHITE BOOK.

My favourite few pages is from my lemonade making experience “Mint”.

“I bought a packet of mint from Tesco. When I have mint it reminds me of last summer when I was in London and I had a glass of lemonade. The lemonade had mint in it and I thought: “WOO HOO”. It was tasty. Ever since then, lemonade without mint is never “woo hoo”. Ever since then, mint without lemonade is never “woo hoo”.”

I captured the squeezed lemons in various positions in the bowl, printed, and cut around the bowl shape to create some funky circular images. The printer ran out of ink perfectly throughout the 5 images. With position 1 being full zest level and position 5 being a bitter bitter purple. They went fully opposite on the colour wheel and boy it represented “mint” better than ever before. One thing becoming another: Lemons to Lemonade.

“MINT” July 2016