The day I fell in love

“Oh no… what happens… everything turns… oh… but where am I… wait… I… oh shit I think I’m drunk… and… I read there… oh… ok… I’m in the Metro. I think. Ok… OUUUAAAAAHHH something stirs in my leg !!!! What…? Oh yeah ok . A phone. THE HUGE THING. But when am I ??? I must go down there. Yeah no… not Chatelet. I’ll wait a little…”
Suddenly he entered the subway. He was tall, bald, brown… beautiful. Our souls crossed insistently. Already the alcohol increases love, there I was downright returned. It gave off a gentle, comforting warmth. It turned me completely upside down. I was like a teenager again, discovering love at first sight, true romance, a meeting that I would never forget.
Its smell made me salivate.
He was dressed in red and yellow, square coat that supported him and drew him a manly silhouette. A body I dreamed to discover… so I imagined undressing him, kissing him, sucking him, tickling him, licking him. I imagined sink my fingers into his pulpit and let him flooding my mouth with pleasure.
I quickly came to my senses. It was not possible. I had to catch him ! So I approached him, I grabbed him with my hands and we embraced. Pleasure is indescribable. My poul quickened, and sweating beads flowed into my back. It was so good, a subtle balance between tenderness and firmness. On his coat I could read his name : «TRIPLE WHOPPER». Then I asked him where was such sweet name from, and without a word he rotated. Then I saw on his magnificent golden ass « BURGER KING».
This is the story of the day I fell in love.

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