King’s Row: An Overwatch Story

This is part one of an Overwatch story based on half of a competitive match I had on King’s Row recently. I’ve pulled some details pulled from the Overwatch canon, and some werecreated by me to fit the conventions of actual Overwatch gameplay (i.e. character deaths, duplicate heroes, timed matches, motivations, etc.). There’re going to be some definite things I have to mold to fit this story, so you’ll have to forgive a few of the explanations I use.

I’m also framing it as D.Va’s first proper fight with other heroes; she has had plenty of combat experience at this point defending South Korea from omnics, but this is her first time meeting Tracer and the gang and fighting outside of her home country. I hope you all enjoy it! You can watch the original below (though this first part doesn’t include the actual match, just the build-up):

Hana Song sat in the back of the transport vehicle on the edge of her seat, buzzing with excitement and nervousness: This was her first time participating in combat with the organization known as Overwatch.

Besides her, there were several others who’d been called in for the operation they were about to undertake. She’d been given dossiers on all of them before flying in, and knew much about both their backgrounds and abilities in combat.

To Hana’s immediate right was Lena Oxton, a British girl a few years senior to Hana, who has the ability to manipulate time around thanks to a failed experiment. Lena, who goes by the codename Tracer, was conversing with an elderly Egyptian woman with a custom sniper rifle slung across her back. The sniper, Ana Amari, was an old war hero who had just recovered from an injury-induced coma that gave her the eyepatch she now wears across her left eye. She now acted as both a cover sniper and a healer, as her new rifle allowed her to heal comrades as well as damage adversaries without changing ammunition.

In the corner next to Ana was another old soldier and a friend of Ana’s, a man now known as Soldier: 76. In truth he was Jack Morrison, the former leader of Overwatch who went into hiding after an incident in Switzerland. He was now a fugitive in various parts of the world for infiltrating various corporations and agencies as he tried to find out more about the truth behind Overwatch’s fall, as well as combat various evils in the world.

Across from Hana herself was a large Russian woman with pink hair who was currently nestling a large beam cannon. Aleksandra Zaryanova, currently going by the shortened name Zarya, was one of the strongest (if not the strongest) people in the world. She was currently acting as an anti-omnic agent for the Russian government, which was dealing with a potential second omnic crisis at the moment. The cannon she held allowed her to build up energy by protecting herself and her team, and use that energy to inflict damage on enemies.

Zarya had been furtively glancing at the omnic who was currently meditating in the corner opposite from Hana. Tekhartha Zenyatta, who goes by his last name, was a monk from Nepal currently traveling the world trying to help bring peace between omnics and humans. The orbs he had hovering around his neck allowed him to both heal friends and damage enemies. Between him and Zarya was Zenyatta’s pupil, Genji Shimada, a cyborg from Japan. Once declared dead, he’d been outfitted with a mechanical body and had trained himself to be a ninja to restore his lost pride.

Everyone in the car knew at least one or two other people present, save Hana. Formerly a professional Starcraft II player, she now defended her homeland of South Korea from large omnic monsters as a mech pilot. Even though she’d seen combat for about a year now, she was still a teenager and hadn’t worked with Overwatch before now. She’d read the dossiers over and over, treating her soon-to-be comrades like they were other characters in a video game, in order to best coordinate with their abilities.

Hana treated almost everything in life like a game. Even in combat, she found herself declaring when she got a killstreak or when a particularly good move would have awarded her “play of the game”. Whenever she looked back on these moments they embarrassed her a bit, but she couldn’t help trying to enjoy everything she did in life. Not only did she enjoy play games, she was good at them; very good. Her Starcraft abilities allowed her to fire her mech’s machine cannons much faster than trained soldiers, which is why she was chosen to represent her country in Overwatch when the call came in. It was a big deal for her, and while she was very proud and excited, she was a bit intimidated by the cast of characters she was about to fight alongside. As the truck cruised through the streets of London, she sighed a bit and looked down at her

“Hey, you’re D.Va right?” Hana was jolted out of her slight stupor by the voice coming from her right. She looked up into Tracer’s face, who was beaming back at her. “Did I get that wrong? I’m sorry, I’m not really familiar with the eSports scene.”

Hana shook her head, starting to smile. “No no, that’s me! I’m honored you know who I am Tracer.”

The time traveler stuck her hand out and shook Hana’s own. “I admit to not being the most informed, but I have heard about what you can do and I’m excited to have a fresh face on board.”

“I’m happy to be here!” Hana replied, already feeling a bit more accepted. Past Tracer, Hana could see Ana looking at her with a small grin. The professional gamer gave a small wave. “It’s also an honor to meet you, Mrs. Amari!”

Ana laughed. “No no, Ana is fine dear. I must say, I don’t know if I’ve ever worked with someone as young as you in all my years. You must be something special if you’ve been called in tonight.”

Hana giggled, “Hehe, thanks! I’ll do my best to try and live up to that!” Ana nodded in response and settled back in her seat, though this was short lived; soon after, the truck stopped and a voice came through all of their earpieces.

“This is your stop everyone, King’s Row.”

The group piled out of the truck and into a church situated at the end of the neighborhood known as King’s Row.

“We’re back in my old stomping grounds,” Tracer remarked as she stepped inside, gazing around at her surroundings. At one end of the hall were several terminals set up displaying various feeds of information. Scattered around were crates of equipment that indicated the building as now being used as one of the many temporary bases of Overwatch. The King’s Row district itself sat beyond the doors opposite where the group had come in.

Everyone gathered in front of the terminals, while Tracer stepped forward and began pulling up maps and other pertinent information for the mission.

“Alright everyone, I’m only here as a scout and informant since this is where I’m from, so I’ll be relaying the mission information to you all,” she stated, looking around at everyone in front of her. Hana stayed rapt with attention, though it was a bit obvious to everyone that she somewhat overdoing it.

Tracer smiled before pointing at one of the monitors that had a map on it. “This is King’s Row, where we are now. Just across from this church is a plaza with a statue of the late Tekhartha Mondatta-” she briefly bowed her head in Zenyatta’s direction, who also bowed back-”and next to it is a garage. Our mission is to capture that area and the EMP device that’s stored inside, and bring it down the road to where a group of rogue omnics are housed. That’s the long and the short of it, anyway.”

No one objected to this information, but Hana spoke up in order to clarify something that was bothering her. “These are rogue ones, right? We aren’t going after innocent ones, are we?”

Tracer opened her mouth, but Zenyatta spoke up, turning towards Hana. “I attempted to converse with them recently into not behaving irrationally, but I’m afraid my efforts fell through. Although there are protesting omnics in this area, I have my suspicions that the group Talon may have interfered with their design in an attempt to cause further instability in the region. For this reason, I am participating in this excursion,” Zenyatta paused before finishing, “This does upset me deeply, but if it must be done I am willing to help maintain peace, and also defend the good name of my fellow omnics.”

Hana nodded in response, moved a bit by Zenyatta’s commitment, but not everyone was impressed. Zarya had snorted a couple of times his speech, and had a sour look on her face. She then opened her mouth for the first time that night, “I’ll have my eye on you, omnic. I know not to trust your kind, even if you are working with us against them.”

Zenyatta merely turned towards the Russian and bowed his head, “And I will watch your back in turn.”

Tracer coughed. “Anyway, there are a couple more things to talk about. We’re going to only have a few minutes out there before civilians start getting involved, and we don’t want that. We need to do this ASAP. Also, we’re experimenting with some new technology that was stolen from Talon that Jack-”

76 grunted, “76 please.”

Tracer sighed, “Fine, 76 recovered plans recently from a raid he did on Talon HQ, and brought them in when he returned from his little hiatus. Basically, we have a bunch of fancy machines set up downstairs to bring back anyone who’s nearly dead and beyond the means of conventional healing. It’s based on technology developed by Angela Ziegler, though it’s more rudimentary in nature compared to what she’s made. If any of you are put into near-death states, you’ll be teleported back to our current base and will be fully healed in less than a minute. Trust me, it sounds scarier than it actually is.”

“Oh, so we just respawn?” Hana interjected, causing everyone to look at her with confusion on their faces. “Oh, uh…nevermind.”

“Umm…I think that might be right?” Tracer had her hand on her chin, trying to remember what the term meant. “In any case, the technology can only account for six of us at a time, so once I’m done I’ll be switching out with Ja-sorry, 76-and then I’ll relay any pertinent info I come across during the mission.”

“One last thing; we know Talon has hired some individuals to defend the rogue omnics. We don’t know who yet, but it’s possible that they’re also using the near-death technology, and that they’re using clones.”

Hana was taken aback, not having heard this information before. “Clones? Of who?”

Tracer turned and brought up a database of both former and current Overwatch members, as well as Talon operatives like the hacker Sombra and assassin Reaper. “From 76’s raid, we also know Talon has started to develop combat clones; they’re basically copies of real people and the abilities they have, using similar technology to again the works of Dr. Ziegler. These may be clones of people we know, or even some of us; basically, treat them like other combatants. They’re our adversaries tonight. And don’t worry about them beyond tonight; from what we know, Talon had a lot of trouble getting to this stage and they only last a few minutes before ceasing to function properly. So They won’t be impersonating anyone anytime soon.”

While Hana was still a bit in shock by this, the others weren’t phased too much. Zarya spoke again, “I’ve seen what they can do, and while they are formidable, they’re no match for the originals. Just last week I stared down myself in battle-it was nothing.”

Tracer showed a bit of disagreement on her face, but nodded. “Even so, keep your wits about you. You all should be aware of what most Overwatch and Talon agents can do, and you should treat the clones the same way.” She looked at the time, “We’ve got about fifteen minutes before the machines are warmed up enough for the mission, and then we’re setting out. Expect to immediately encounter resistance from whoever’s out there.”

With her speech finished, Tracer plopped down into one of the chairs in front of her and stretched. Everyone else headed to various parts of the hall to rest in preparation for the upcoming battle; Genji and Zenyatta began meditating against one of the walls; Ana sat in a chair beside Tracer and started polishing her rifle; Zarya headed towards the doors and began stretching. That left Hana standing awkwardly near 76, who hadn’t moved yet and was looking down at the teenager.

“Um, excuse me, but…aren’t you a bit young to be here?”

Hana, though knowing he had a bit of a point, pouted. “Aren’t you a bit old to still be doing this?”

The old soldier sighed, “I may be, but I’ve still got a job to do.” This response threw Hana off a bit; she knew the former Overwatch commander was gruff, but thought he’d retaliate a bit more than that.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

76 interrupted her. “No, it’s OK, I know I’m getting old. I wasn’t too much older than you when I started to fight anyway.” He sized her up, “Though I heard you were classified as a tank? No offense but you’re not really screaming ‘tank’ to me.”

Hana smirked, realizing he didn’t know her specialty. “Oh, I am. Watch this, old man.” She stepped away to a more open spot in the hall and pressed the gold button on her left glove. There was instantly a quick rushing sound acccompanied by a flash of light as a large pink bipedal mech materialized in front of Hana. She crawled in through a hatch in the back and took control of its two joysticks, bringing it up from the kneeling position it had appeared in. Known as a M.E.K.A., it was Hana’s chief means of engaging in combat, with dual cannons that have infinite ammo, rocket boosters for quick bursts of movement, and a defense matrix for shooting down any and all projectiles that came her way.

This all took place over three seconds, and once she was in control Hana turned towards 76 and had her M.E.K.A. strike a pose. “Is this tank enough for you?”

AN: This is where I’m going to leave off for now. I’ll do the rest (and also fix this first draft up a bunch) at some point soon!

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