Hooded in America

A reflection on my journey from Harlem to Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a black male

Photo by Amy Tran on Unsplash

If we don’t dress the way Peter Thiel wants us to, our companies might die. If we do, then we might.

Left to right: me (Rhoden), my mom (Martha), and my sister (Erica)

The fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as a black male has never gone away and I doubt it ever will, but I will never allow that fear to defeat me.

I am very proud of the business that we have built at CariClub — it feels much more like a calling than just a company. We have an impressive and growing roster of clients including some of the most respected, forward-thinking firms in the corporate world. I thank them for sharing and supporting my vision on how to help their emerging leaders channel their passion and talents towards the many worthwhile nonprofits in need of their support — a need that has only become greater since the pandemic hit. My thanks extend to the early angel investors, including a pair of venture pioneers, Paul Raether and Henry Kravis, who early on took a risk in me and my vision. As I turn to the institutional VC community to help CariClub with the next leg of its evolution, I will hold VCs to the standard of evaluating me, and CariClub, on our track record of sustainable growth and adding value to society.

Founder of CariClub

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