Rhodes: 3 beautiful beaches (that tourists do not know)

fourni beach
the beach is small but quaint, little-used because it is difficult to get there (but Rhodes Trips can bring you there :) is located near Monolithos, a site of archaeological interest, so it is easy to see both of these two places in the same day. If you want to see a few tourists this beach is ideal, here is a video filmed them:

afandou beach
in Afandou Beach there are more tourists than the previous but for sure you will have much living space because it is a looong beach and many users of the nearby resorts are in the pool in their structures, the sea water in this area is always very clean. Here’s a video shot in Afandou:

Agia Marina
about 7 kilometers from the city of Rhodes is a little charming surprise, collected in a small bay is ideal to relax without too many noisy neighbors. Frequented to 90% only by the Greeks. Here she is in this movie:

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