Are We Ever Truly Alone?

Christian Mingle and Jdate released a study on the impact of phone use on dating and relationships. It was interesting to read their data on the influence of technology on the dating process, but even more shocking was the information regarding the personal relationship between individuals and their cells. As a researcher on this topic, it is vital to look at the core issue that enables the bigger problem: lack of interpersonal communication.

If you are already addicted to your phone, then how can we expect that to change once you start the dating process? Now for the shocking states:

  • 45% of singles ages 21‐26 check their mobile devices within the first 5 minutes of waking up
  • While they sleep, 25% of singles ages 21‐26 not only keep their phones on, but also in bed with them
  • More than two‐thirds of singles keep their phones within at least an arm’s reach of bed.
  • Singles feel dependent upon their mobile devices, with 50% either strongly or somewhat agreeing that their mobile device is like an addiction.
  • 40% of singles feel they get less sleep than they should because they are using their mobile device late at night
  • 67% still find a way to check their phones during a date

I read these stats over and over and thought about the amount of times I’ve fought the urge to check my phone. It made me realize that as much as phone use is affecting our relationships, it is also affecting our ability to be present with ourselves. When are we ever truly alone?

To check out the study: