Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Home for the New Year in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton

Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Home for the New Year in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton

As you welcome the New Year in, in your home for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton, have you thought about any resolutions for the home this year?

Much like our personal New Year’s resolutions, industry experts believe that homeowners should also take the time to create annual resolutions and goals for their homes. Some prefer to cut the clutter, some are working on making sure that all their mortgage payments are made on time every time, while others commit to a more eco-friendly home for the coming year.

If you’re part of the latter and want to help further the cause of helping to take care of our planet, here are some tips for making your home more earth-friendly for 2016:

Do an inventory of all your appliances.

One of the ways to make your home more eco-friendly is audit all the appliances in your home. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge electricity bill just because your appliances are under today’s standard.

Nowadays appliances come with energy star ratings to help you determine how much it costs to use an appliance. Maybe one or more are worth replacing with a newer, more efficient model.

Choose durable materials.

When you’re planning a home improvement project or doing a remodel of any room in the home, opt for more durable materials. Contact a local supplier for help on where to get the best materials at a price you can afford.

Save your trees.

Some people living in houses for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton might do a bit of remodeling and home improvement projects as a way to welcome in the New Year.

Maybe updating your home for a fresher, brighter, and cleaner look for the coming year appeals to you. However, if you’re planning on uprooting trees, perhaps in your backyard in order to put an oversized outdoor deck in that space, you might want to reconsider that project.

As we’ve all learned in our science classes, trees are essential to the survival of the human race, as they convert our CO2 emissions into O2.

Fewer trees means less clean air to breathe. Besides, grown trees help give you shade during the summer so why not opt to build your deck around the trees instead?

Put your windows to work.

Another key to living a more eco-chic lifestyle is by maximizing the flow of natural light into your home. Think about opening those drapes before turning on a light. There’s nothing like a room bathed in natural light to make it cozy and inviting for family, friends, and all of your guests to enjoy.

If your windows are old, consider replacing your them with more energy efficient windows.

Consider a solar panel for the roof.

After some investigation, you might consider investing in solar to help minimize energy costs.

With Shadow Cliff Pleasanton homes for sale conveniently located in a place with nearly year-round good weather, there’s no reason not to tap into the sun’s rays and convert it to usable energy.

Talk to a professional solar panel expert to learn more about the benefits and learn how much you can save on your energy bill.

As you welcome the new year with high hopes for a brighter and more sustainable future, start with your home. For even more tips to make your home more energy-efficient for 2016, visit http://RhondaFee.com.

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