Top 3 Common Organizing Mistakes that Cause Your Pleasanton Luxury Home to Look Messy

Top 3 Common Organizing Mistakes that Cause Your Pleasanton Luxury Home to Look Messy

A lot of people take the time to clean their homes but somehow, after just a few months, their Pleasanton luxury home reverts back to the messy state it was in. So they clean it again. It’s sometimes seems to become a neat-mess cycle. Many people just give up on trying to attempt having an organized and neat home month after month.

You might think that the mess just adds up because of the daily purchases you make and need to make space for. However, more than the additional clutter, it’s hard to keep a home clean because of these common organizing mistakes:

Not plotting a day for cleaning in their calendar. People usually say “I’ll clean when I have the time” or “I’ll do this when I get a free weekend” and more. The problem with this approach is that organizing is not a priority, therefore, when they do get a free weekend to start their home project, it can easily be replaced by other more important stuff. They likely get started on their project but dismiss it mid-task. Schedule this on your calendar like you would an important work meeting.

Believing that “clean” is no different from “organized”. Quite the contrary, just because your home is clean does not mean it is organized. The neatly arranged pile of kitchen supplies on your counter does not indicate an organized kitchen in your Pleasanton CA luxury home for sale. If your kitchen is indeed organized, all your equipment will have a permanent storage in your cupboards and cabinets.

Buying organizing products first. While it can be a thrill to start shopping for storage bins, boxes, racks, and more, it’s important to know what you’ll actually be storing first. Sort the items on your house first and decide how and where these items will be organized. After this, you then determine what organizing products you’ll need to shop for.

As Pleasanton luxury homes real estate agents would advise homeowners, it’s challenging to keep a home both clean and organized but it’s doable.

There are so many ways to help clear the clutter out of your home for sale so make sure you aren’t doing any of these organizing mistakes. For clutter cutter inspiration, visit for more organizing tips for savvy homeowners.

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