Guide to trekking in Nepal

Rhonda Fleischman
Jul 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Nepal is a favorite place to travel for people with a thrill to trek. It has eight of the top ten highest summits, which makes Nepal a one of its kind experience for trekking. Also, Nepal offers travelers unforgettable beautiful views and strong cultural experience through interaction with the locals. It does not matter if you are an experienced hiker or not, you are assured of a good traveling experience once you are there as you can get guidance from one of the many guiding companies in Kathmandu. Below are a few tips that you may want to know before engaging about your adventure to Nepal.

First, you may want to know the best time to travel to Nepal. Depending on what you expect to obtain from your journey it is safe to say that you can travel to Nepal any time of the year. However, during the monsoon months, it is not advisable to travel to Nepal because of landslides that occur from the monsoon rains. The best time to visit Nepal is during fall or spring. This is usually peak seasons. You will be able to experience spectacular mountain views, see the snow melting from high mountain passes, sunny skies and the weather is usually favorable. The only downside to traveling in peak season is that you will share treks with other travelers and also the prices of commodities are a bit high. However, the experience you will get during the peak season depicts all the downsides that come along with it. If you are thinking of going in the off-peak seasons, you can also have a pleasant experience because you will get lower prices, feel a sense of solitude as you trek and you will be able to interact with the locals more. To know more about Trekking in Nepal, Click here
Also, you may be asking yourself what you need to pack. The best way to travel is to travel light and carry with you only the essentials that you will use. Places like Kathmandu offer hikers equipment to buy or rent when you want to hike in Nepal. However, carrying with you your traveling equipment is better. Some of the items to put in your traveling checklist are clothes for the cold and warm weather, a nice pair of hiking shoes and other small essentials you may need. As you pack the things you may need remember not to make your bag pack so heavy as it will be uncomfortable for you.
With this guidelines trekking in Nepal should be a fun experience. Also, take with you a camera to have a record of your exciting adventure. Know more additional info from Godiyals.

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