Mission Statement Impossible

Because my primary source of income is watching TV and writing it, you might think that the more I like a show, the easier it would be to write about. That’s not always the case. Sometimes a show is SO GOOD that I am unable to distill it into piece that is suitable for publication on a site I write for, namely because brevity is not a friend of mine. Like, it’s not even really an acquaintance. It’s like that friend of a friend you never actually see but just hear about. Brevity is my Tito from My So-Called Life.

The result is, no matter how hard I try, sometimes I just can’t control my feelings enough to whittle down my word count to acceptable professional levels and I end up with 9000 words of TV writing that will never see the light of day. I’ve decided to start publishing them in the hopes that I’ll connect with similarly obsessively-detailed fans. I could be all market-y and refer to this as a platform for my longform entertainment writing, but let’s just be real: this is more like what my 5-year old would call a “barf volcano”, only with words.

I’ll probably post other pop culture-related stuff, too, and maybe some reactions to shows that no one necessarily cares about but me. It might even get feminist-y and/or political at times. Who knows? Join me on this voyage of discovery. Just know that it will be long. Because short isn’t really my style.

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