Grey Mirror #8 Kate Darling, MIT: A Systemic View on Regulation and Gender Roles in Tech

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This is a podcast from MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative on technology, society, and ethics called Grey Mirror (Soundcloud, Youtube, iTunes, Spotify).

In today’s episode, I interview Kate Darling, a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab and an Affiliate at the Harvard Berkman Center. We chat about the balances in regulating technology, the negative systemic impacts of our current gender roles, and how being a mother has helped Kate empathize more!

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Disclaimers: This interview is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed in this article are my own and do not reflect my employer :). I own less than $5000 of any given cryptocurrency, so my monetary incentive is not too aligned with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

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Head of Community and Long-Term Societal Impact at MIT Media Lab’s DCI. Shaping our exponential, fragile, and abundant context for good. Relentlessly curious.

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