Our Year

This is the year of change for my family and I. After years of talking about making the move, we finally did. On May 26th we relocated from South San Francisco, CA to Santa Clarita in sunny Southern California. We also, had our third child, (our first boy), Liam, my husband started a new job as a Personal Trainer, and this is our first time in 5 years that we’ve had our own place.

Life is good.

We are a family of 5:

  • Maria (me): 30 years old, currently on maternity leave. I have a passion for God, sailing, traveling, art, and my family.
  • Joseph, my husband: 31, personal trainer for Crunch Fitness. Loves God, film, fitness, MMA, and his family.
  • Taliyah: 11 (going on 17), my oldest daughter. Loves drawing, swimming, and traveling.
  • Aliana: 6, my youngest daughter. Enjoys painting, swimming, dancing, and playing with friends. LOVES her PaPa.
  • Liam: 2 Months, our baby boy. Loves mommy, attention, breastmilk, and napping.

We’re still adjusting and getting to know our new city, Santa Clarita. But so far I’ve learned, it’s a great place to raise children. Known as one of the top 10 safest cities in the country. It’s the third largest city in the greater LA area, with one of the best school districts in the state, and lots of community involvement and activities. We’ve been enjoying all the different things there is to do here and look forward to getting more established in the following months.

This is our journey. It’s one of Motherhood, Family Life, Work Life Balance, God, Marriage, Adventures, our new life in SoCal, day to day highs and lows, and everything in between.