I tried reading their post again with your comment in mind.

Hi Erik, we’re not sure what did confuse you that much but we‘ll gladly answer to clear your doubts.
We admit we should‘ve been more clear and exact when posting this article. And since then it was edited and more information was added to clear things up.
So, to clear your doubts here are the answers to your statements.

  • In August we‘ll list XRL tokens on the exchanges.
  • Tokens of founders, team and partners (25M) have a lock-up period of 6 months, as is written in our whitepaper. At this time we cannot trade with them.
  • XRL tokens that started trading on some websites a few days ago are from supporters as that tokens are not on a lockdown and thus are transferable. We just wanted to notify supporters that it wasn‘t us who started trading tokens. We would never do that without informing the community and break our promises.
  • In the article it was written that tokens cannot be bought anymore until listing on exchanges. This was, of course, meant they cannot be bought from us (RIALTO.AI).

Hopefully, you will now trust us more.


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