A few questions:
Esen S

Hi Esen,

thank you for your message. We are greeting your questions as it is something that distinguishes us from other “chase the money” no-cap crowdsales nowadays.

  1. We already had a message group and had terrible experience (lots of non relevant questions and spam that took a lot of time from our core team — as we do not have PR personnel). We plan to open slack for those supporters that understand our business model in order to form something equivalent to a think tank group.
  2. As far as we know, we are the first ones to apply dynamical adjustments of parameters. Opposite of rigid arbitrage algorithms, we constantly optimize the parameters for when a trade should be entered or not.
  3. We are very careful with extrapolation of historic ratios as people for better or worse would take it as given, while the future inputs will be different:
    a.) Initial 3 month trading window on smaller number of exchanges
    b.) Higher average volume per trade
    c.) Different basket of currencies (LTC will be added etc.)
    d.) Skewed transaction cost curve

We see the return of 21% on the volume available as the watermark for the first month with Sharpe Ratio over 3.

4. We visit many blockchain events (the next one in London) so that people can meet us and ask relevant questions in person. We are also in talks with several financial institutions and exposure at blockchain events helps us with connections. At latest event we were streaming live dashboard from our market data so that the visitors had clear understanding of what we do.

5. For part of us this is full-time and for part of us this is part-time. We have also back-office full-time employees that help us all this running, but also occasionally we engage contractors when we need them. To be more specific: Vito, Valentin and Uros are more than full-time committed to this project. We are fully aware that down the road we need stronger team and we are prepared for it.

6. Our “real” experience in crypto arbitrage and market making is since we have started working on this project and that is 18 months ago. After 6 months we have developed the first algorithm and did the first trades. Then we started thinking about more serious analysis, looking into trends and thinking about getting machine-learning (ML) techniques into this in order to help us become better. Regarding the AI we have huge experience, and while most of the team have huge theoretical knowledge, all of them have worked on many different practical fields. Time-series data, market analysis and risk modeling are the topics that were covered by Valentin in the real-world since 2012 on the day-to-day basis.

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