RIALTO.AI November AMA Session Answered

We would like to thank everyone for participating in November AMA session. You are cordially invited to submit your questions and votes also in December, as well as to engage with us through other communication channels: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, e-mail (connect@rialto.ai).

Q1: In order to receive a dividend payout you need to register your holdings at the Rialto website (If I correctly understand). So what happens to dividend payouts that belong to unregistered XRL tokens? Will these “unclaimed” dividends be added to the pool?

With the introduction of upgraded trading dashboard platform in Q1 2018, all XRL holders will have the ability to manage their proportionate share of the Digital Asset Pool by themselves. Moreover, every XRL holder will be able to verify XRL holding address and withdraw proportionate share of their assets. The potential remaining funds will not be added back to the pool as they are a property of respective token holders and cannot be allocated to a third party as suggested in the question. Registration is, however, a necessary part of the trading dashboard for monitoring access and maximizing the safety of its users.

Q2: Hi Rialto team, If the Rialto arbitrage algorithm becomes uncompetitive/unprofitable such that the pool needs to be discontinued, will the pool be liquidated and funds within the pool returned to token holders at respective ownership %’s? This seems to be the only logical option but I haven’t seen anything in the whitepaper or elsewhere indicating that this will be done. Other projects such as Golem and Iconomi have explicitly stated that the assets held by them are 100% owned by the token holders, is this the case with Rialto as well?

Digital Asset Pool is a property of XRL holders who also have the right to manage it. With the introduction of the upgraded trading dashboard platform in Q1 2018, the option to manage funds will be automated.

Q3: What guarantee is there that you guys won’t just disappear with investors money? I have been stung before. Does your company have some sort of legal registration and address? Who is ultimately responsible?

XRL token holders have the same guarantee as Amazon users have that Jeff Bezos will not run away with their money. We operate as a registered LLC company, data of which are published on the website.

Q4: Are you planning to increase your means of communication to your supporter community? it seems like many of us would like to be more involved with daily/weekly/monthly updates but recently it has been extremely quiet on your front. I will try to keep this professional and address the questions collectively: The XRL token has dropped by more than half its value and none of us knows why (I get the whole November fork argument but it still does not explain a daily volume of… $24,000… as opposed to up to $330,000s we’ve seen before. There has been a lot of volatility in the market this month, has this benefited you? or has it pushed you a step backwards? Why did the missing whitepaper question get ignored in the October AMA thread? I’m not even concerned about this whitepaper, but I am concerned with your lack of detail orientation in answering our questions: there is no point in continuing these threads if all we get are vague one-liners that we can pretty much figure out for ourselves. Why are you not involved on the reddit page more often when people need some more explanations and support? I have had the chance to see many users here that try to push to create a sense of community; however, without your help it is not a feasible thing to do. You’ve been asked before if there was anything we can do to help you promote your business to which…we got no response. I get the one question per post, but many questions remain outstanding from the prior threads so I think we deserve some clarification. Please remember that people are on this forum because we believe in your model, not because we have nothing better to do. All we ask for is a little bit more transparency.

The reproach that our communication is insufficient is groundless. We understand that some of our supporters would like to see a 24/7 service but this is just not possible because our communication has to involve over 6,000 e-mail subscribers, over 4,000 followers on Twitter, over 1,000 followers on Facebook, nearly 1,000 on Medium and a little over 700 members on Telegram. Furthermore, none of our messages and e-mails that we receive are left unanswered, unless accidentally overlooked in the quantity we receive on a daily basis. Reddit we use exclusively for AMA and currently, we do not intend to extend our communication on this media.

As we have stated already, every question answered does not represent 100% transparency in the crypto industry since the next day question answered might not be valid anymore and this is why we prefer in some periods to concentrate more on our products in order to actually present more than just empty words.

To conclude, often we were approached with a desire to help under the condition that the one that offers the help gets some benefit from us. This is not a help but a business proposal and by that, we do not need any help in communicating with our supporters because they are all very welcome to contact us, anytime.

Q5: 1. Without giving away any critical infos, are you able to give us any other insight into the tools, stack, and human effort used to run the daily operations of the bot such as:

  • What programming language(s) is the arbitrage bot written in?
  • Are parameters constantly being adjusted by humans or does the bot get smarter over time on it’s own?
  • How much maintenance is required to keep the bot running day to day?

First, the selection of specific programming language at the current state of the industry technology (software architecture and processing at the side of exchanges) has no influence on the end performance. Algorithm logic and architecture account for 99% of the speed and other processing characteristics that a specific programming language could improve.

Second, the calibration of the parameters is currently the role of a professional trader in order to design and test the set of inputs (e.g. volatility indicator) to which the automated adjustment of parameters should react in the future. Once the final set of input metrics is finalized, the automation of it is trivial.

Finally, it is required a half of a man-day to monitor transfers and execution metrics due to potential events of failed processing on the side of exchanges.

Q6: In regards to your recent statement about re-balancing the trading-pool in order to add additional cryptocurrencies to the pool, how will you calculate net profit? I think a lot of us would appreciate if you made a concrete example (perhaps by taking the current asset-pool), additional to your explanation.

The trading dashboard has meanwhile been updated; as a result, the calculations are now clearer. Besides, any rebalancing that will include a significant repurchase or sale of a single cryptocurrency will be communicated with the average conversion rate through our quarterly reports.

Q7. On average, how many hours was the arbitrage bot fully running each day during each of the posted dashboard update periods?

An average running time of our arbitrage algorithm is between 9 and 10 hours per day. Transfers and execution metrics need to be monitored due to potential events of failed processing on the side of exchanges. The average running time will increase when we implement additional safety measures.

Q8: Where can I find your whitepaper? It’s missing from your website.

The Whitepaper was a document designed for the initial stage of the project where unfinished particular technologies and products were defined and presented for the purpose of explaining them to a reader. Meanwhile, the project has entered the advanced stage where the majority of solutions are in the deployment phase, and where additional documentation and updated information is being prepared. With the launch of the new trading dashboard platform for XRL holders in Q1 2018, the updated full scope of solutions, current state of the technology and new roadmap will be documented and made easily understandable in RIALTO.AI Business Outline.

Q9: Can the Arb bot and AI bot work together? Like in volatile times, spreads are much bigger. If the allocation of the AI bot is spread over all the active exchanges, the arb bot could play around with the AI bots allocations to maximize profit by eating those spreads.

Arbitrage and market making algorithms and the AI bot can all run simultaneously because trading algorithms are not interfering with each other. Correlation and pull effect among different strategies are being tested before any of the trading strategies go into deployment phase. The trading logic of each strategy is diametrically different. Even in the case when the AI bot would execute all of its trades on the order book placed by our market making bot, this would mean that the market case at the time benefits both.

Q10: 10. How big is the team (full time and part time split appreciated)?

The team currently counts ten members out of which eight are full-time (over 70%): 2 developers, 2 data scientists, 2 traders, 2 business side and two are part-time (less than 70%): 1 developer, 1 data scientist.

RIALTO.AI December AMA Session

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