RIALTO.AI Second Generation Website

RIALTO.AI is introducing the second generation website with the updated corporate image that is based on the broadly recognized original RIALTO.AI image. Apart from being the core reference source of the company, the website will serve as a platform where the users will be able to register and access the trading dashboard.

The new website is distinguished by:

  • Improved user experience with a simpler structure that has two objectives; presenting the company and providing an access to the trading dashboard
  • Responsive design that adapts to different devices
  • Clear and concise textual content

The new website is organized in several sections:

  • Home: offers basic and most important information about the company
  • Strategies: three main areas of operation are described
  • Trading Dashboard: gives an insight into trading performed by RIALTO.AI algorithms to the registered users
  • XRL: gives the information on RIALTO.AI XRL token
  • Medium: enables access to the latest updates on RIALTO.AI activities and publishing the company and industry related articles
  • Telegram: connect with RIALTO.AI community more securely
  • Account: access to the customized experience for registered users

How to Register?

  1. Register on https://www.rialto.ai/register/. Your e-mail address serves as your username.

2. Click the gear button and navigate to Edit profile.

3. Enter your XRL holding ETH addresses and hit the Update Profile button.

4. Navigate to https://www.rialto.ai/trade-dashboard/ to access the Trade Dashboard.

Introduction of the Trading Dashboard

In the past two months, we have witnessed an extreme volatility on the crypto market. The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has surpassed USD 170 billion by the end of August, while just two weeks later it has fallen below USD 100 billion. During this extremely volatile period, we have completed the initial testing of our trading systems that have proven to be stable and versatile, including in trading environments with large market movements and increased market spreads.

We invite you to visit Trading Dashboard on the renewed RIALTO.AI website where you will get an insight into the trading portfolio.

Main features are:

  • The trade volume and the number of transactions are being streamed with a 7-day delay in order to protect proprietary trading strategies.
  • The balance of the Digital Asset Pool is updated every 14 days.
  • Detailed trading statistics will be published quarterly in performance reports that are going to be in line with the highest financial industry practices. Reports will be accessible via the dashboard.

In the upcoming months, our focus will be on adding new currency pairs and including new exchanges which will have an important impact on the trading performance. With the inclusion of additional exchanges, we also see a need to further develop our trading systems and that is why we are currently working on improving the market-making algorithm which should be fully tested by the end of the year.