5 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

80% of marketers already use social media to promote their content but are they doing it effectively?

Are you promoting your content online but not seeing any results? Are your followers, likes and friends decreasing in number? Do you feel as if your posts and statuses are being lost in the huge sea of social media?

Here are 5 effective ways to promote your content using social media that you probably aren’t doing enough of.

1. Post at the right time

A lot of people over look this simple concept, but sharing at the right time is actually crucial. If you are looking for maximum engagement you need to reach as many people as you can — So follow the crowd! You need to know where your market is and when they are online and active so that you can schedule posts during the day.

Think of it like London’s public transport, different social media platforms have different peak times. You can find infographics online which indicate what times and days are best to post content, but sometimes its simply a matter of experimenting and knowing when your market is active and how they engage. Luckily, some social media platforms have built in features designed to help you in this process for example, Facebook insights.

2. Post on the right platform

Although having accounts on various platforms is advantageous, if the shoe doesn’t fit don’t force it!

There are so many social media sites sprouting up and this can be a bit daunting for marketers as they may feel the need to keep up with it all but remember, different sites serve different purposes and audiences. As a brand or business it is crucial to know what major social media platforms your audiences are on. Focus on the platforms where you have the highest chance of engaging with your audience.

Avoid just ‘dumping’ your content across multiple social channels.

3. Post to engage

Social media platforms were created with engagement in mind! A common mistake I’ve seen among marketers is the ‘dropping links’ method. Don’t just drop links but ask questions. Create an avenue for social media users to engage with you by asking for questions or feedback. If audiences fail to engage with you then why not engage with them? reply to a tweet, laugh at a meme, or compliment someones work. Social media was made for people not businesses so strive to be more human like on social media rather than robotic.

4. Post with pictures/visuals

It is well known fact that posts with videos, pictures or some sort of visual get more engagement. It’s evident on Twitter, Facebook and even on LinkedIn. We even have social media platforms based entirely on visuals, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

So now is the time to leverage the visual when promoting your content. Try to add visuals that supplement your post. Why not add a bit of humour by adding a relevant GIF or creating a Meme?

5. Post, post, post

Don’t be afraid to post multiple times. Previous studies suggest you are more likely to be effective by promoting the same content multiple times on social media. Users don’t see most of your content in any given day anyway, so by posting multiple images and headlines for your content you create a higher chance for audience engagement.


Why not try out some of the methods suggested and see what works for you.