How I Tripled my Productivity by Gamifying my Life.

A while back I was reading up on how to form new habits, and how to destroy old ones. Everything I read said that the key to forming new habits involved creating a reward circuit. If you haven’t come across the term before, it simply means rewarding yourself when you hit your goals, and punishing yourself when you don’t, or indulge in a bad habit.

Other than the mentioning of this as a vital part of success in every article, there was very little practical advice at how to implement this in daily life.

I tried out implementing it myself, rewarding myself with some dark chocolate when I hit my daily targets, and banning myself from music the following day when I didn’t. I successfully implemented this system for all of 2 days.

It was just unsustainable. I kept forgetting whether I’d hit my goals or not, and feeling punished after a good day’s work because of yesterdays mistakes.

After experimenting with sites like to build habits like meditation, working out and reading everyday, I still had no luck.

Then I discovered the shining ruby of all productivity tools (well someone may have recommended it to me, but please imagine in my long hard search I found it myself).

Habit RPG.

An example of my Habit RPG. Mostly exam related stuff.

Let me sum up Habit RPG for you: it transforms your life into a Pokemon game.

You add in your daily tasks, the days To Dos and the habits you want to make or break, be it running, quitting porn or reading more Medium articles.

Once you’ve added these in and set the difficulty, when you complete the activity you’ll be rewarded with gold coins and XP. These coins can be used to purchase armour, weapons and an array of spells. These all affect how your player takes damage when you miss tasks, how quickly you level up and how much damage you can deal to bosses. There’s a whole load of other features; you can even ride a god damn dragon!

But I’m not here to explain the game, it does a sick job itself, so back to the point.

Basi-List / Basilisk, get it?

I found my brother and I talking about which piece of armour we were going to buy next, when we’d be ready to fight the Basi-List (there’s a party feature for added accountability) and who was a higher level than who. We were seriously engrossed in the game like it was an actual video game we’d paid money for.

I found myself feeling energised checking of the tasks one by one, being hit with rush of fulfilment with each tick. I found myself disappointed and pissed when I missed that coding session and lost HP, it made me ready to take on tomorrow and smash it.

This web app has made me feel centred on achieving my goals, and aided me in taking the incremental steps to getting closer to my vision, day by day.

Check out the life changer here: Shout to all the guys and gals who made this awesome site.

Let me know if it works for you, and drop your User Id in the comments to join my party. Good luck with your quests.

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