The Fear of Being Alone

and Accepting It

My generation’s greatest fear has become being alone.

Due to the revolution that is social media, many people my age have adopted a very strange goal: become an internet celebrity. We feel like we have to update what we’re doing to the world every 5 minutes, pretend our everyday lives are super exciting, and impress people with who we’re hanging out with. We judge our self-worth with how many friends we have on Facebook, how many likes we get on Instagram and how many followers we have on Twitter. We feel like becoming internet famous is just as big a deal as being an actual game changer.

I see the good in social media; it can be a powerful marketing tool and drive real social change. But here’s my problem with it: we’ve forgotten how to be alone.

When we feel the slightest inclining of boredom or loneliness kick in, we smack Facebook/Twitter/Instagram into the search bar. We use the little nuggets of low vibration energy to fill this void in ourselves, rather than facing it.

What I’ve been attempting to do lately, is actually accept my loneliness. I’ve been avoiding relying on small pieces of valueless information to fill the gap in my mind, and instead I’ve been facing myself.

I’ve accepted sitting at a bus stop in complete silence, reading a book in a park or simply meditating for 5 minutes. I’ve accepted the fact that it’s okay to be lonely, and I’ve embarked on a journey to become happy on my own.

In this fast paced, stimuli driven world, it becomes easy to rely on external sources for happiness. Because of this, many of us have forgotten to journey within, and explore our souls.

These past weeks I’ve been playing with this, and have found great bliss. I can be happy alone. In fact I love to be alone and explore my mind.

Now that I’ve come closer to the point of happiness at loneliness, I feel like any friendship and relationship in my life is an incredible bonus. I appreciate my friends company much more, but I’m not upset when they cancel. I enjoy absorbing the vibes of other people more, but I know I can live without them.

I’m headed abroad with my family this week, and I’m leaving my phone at home. I feel like over-exposure to social media clouds the discovery of oneself, and I need a break from that. I need to enjoy the present once more, and understand that the only people that really matter are the ones in front of me.

Experiment with abstinence from social media, and this week, let yourself be alone. If only for 5 minutes, don’t be afraid to be only in the company of only yourself.

Thanks for reading, please drop a recommend if you enjoyed it. These are the thoughts and expressions of young film maker, writer and adventurer trying to understand his own mind.

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