Manage Office 365 App Password

Introduction to Office 365 App Password

An app password is a code that gives an app or device permission to access Office 365. When you are using a non-browser application that does not support modern authentication such as apple native email app or Office 2010 that do not support multi-factor authentication. If you are enabled for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Office 365 then you will need an App Password for these non-browser applications. For such applications, users won’t be able to login to the application without app password.

If you enforce Multi-Factor Authentication through Conditional Access policies and not through per-user MFA, you cannot create app passwords.

Manage Office 365 App Password

  • To manage Office 365 app password, login to My apps portal.
  • Click your name at top right corner and click on Profile.
Manage Office 365 App Password
  • Under Manage Account, Click on Additional Security Verification.
Manage Office 365 app password
Microsoft does not recommend using App Password with admin account.
  • Click on App Password.
Manage Office 365 App Password
  • Click Create button to create a password. Enter a name for the app password and click Next.
You can delete existing app passwords from the table by clicking on “Delete” next to the app password.
Manage Office 365 App Password
  • Copy the app password to the clipboard and paste it into your app.

You can also delete the old app passwords from My apps portal by clicking the delete option next to the app password.

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