Pitching best lessons from Feedback

Hearing your heart beat really fast before a pitch is normal. I tend to listen to my breathing and the clicking of my heels when walking halfway to the stage to the mic. The past few years, has been a never ending class session about the power I have to build, learn and repeat.

Next week, I will be pitching at Tech Crunch Meetup in Boston along with 10 other businesses. Every time I get an opportunity to share my story, passion and learn from others I appreciate it. Some of the pivots I have made with my company BeautyLynk have happened because of feedback.

The startup echo-system is a fun classroom if you can learn and take feedback. Being able to take the feedback and making the right changes will only make your company better. Do not be afraid of the feedback — embrace it. I know it can be confusing at times when someone give you feedback that does not understand your company, but buckle down and enjoy the fact that they want to learn more.

Just a few tips on pitching if you have never done it before:

  • Practice
  • Know your business
  • Be your self
  • Embrace the feedback

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