Over the past few weeks, I got a handful of emails about my past posts about the Cares Act. My goal was to evaluate if it was a good program for my companies BeautyLynk or At The Table. It ended up being a good source of information for several #femalefounders that did not know where to start (See posts below).

  1. 5 Resources Explaining the Cares Act for Female Founders
  2. Resources for Female Founders during COVID-19
  3. Angel & Investors Tips on Cares Act
  4. Startup Dream Team for Cares Act
  5. Food Business Focused Resources for COVID-19

After weeks of article after article…

Over the past few weeks, the rules have changed when it has come from the Paycheck Protection Program loans available to businesses. The original Cares Act being the largest Stimulus Bill passes in the United States provided money to businesses and individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. I took some time to research about PPP to decide if it would be a good opportunity for BeautyLynk or At The Table. Digging through all the information I decided to break down what the Cares Act offered for business owners in a few blog posts. (See below)

  1. 5 Resources Explaining the Cares Act…

Over the past few weeks so much has changed personally for me. I have had to temporarily close both companies BeautyLynk and At The Table, lost family members to the pandemic and now dealing with black trauma. I have to admit right now I am exhausted emotionally. It is hard for me to admit as I rarely want to share when I feel upset, but right now I need to share. It is a beautiful thing to be uncomfortable to get to the solution that we need for the future.

In that respect, I want to push for #femalefounders…

Beauty service businesses across the globe have been dealing with the same question on if they should open or if you should stay closed. When it comes to the case of BeautyLynk it has been a question that I have been battling with. In conversations with beauty business owners around the world, we have all had the same sentiment of making sure our customers and beauty professionals are safe. …

At home haircuts, manicures and grooming alone are no longer going to be the only option to get your glam on. We are now moving into a new stage as areas start to loosen stay-at-home orders. Which means services will soon be available!! As much everyone is excited to get their first beauty appointments since the pandemic you must remember the RULES for operating are very different then they used to be. Depending on the country, state, or city you live in the rules could be different. …

As states reopen throughout the country it is time that we think about how everything as we knew it is now over. I thought through the possibilities of what beauty services would look like post-COVID-19, but did not want to think about services being performed during the pandemic itself. However, I can not deny that it is time to experiment and see what will work moving forward. Serving as the CEO for BeautyLynk at this time I have to re-evaluate the processes and procedures that will need to be set forward for in home services. (Post coming soon)

Something that has become really clear when it has come to this pandemic is that things will never be the same. For the past month, as a country, we have gone from hugging everyone to SIX feet restrictions near the next person. It makes it hard for me to believe that anyone can even get a beauty service right now when testing has not been made available for all communities.

Sometimes I forget that one list of simple resources for #femalefounders would never work. I wanted to take the time to focus on what could be done for the entrepreneurs that owned food-based businesses. At The Table, we rely on caterers, chefs, and restaurants to make sure our dinners happen. I can only imagine the situation for many of these businesses that are dealing with a new normal of limited services, access, and events.

Instead of rewriting some of the baseline information for entrepreneurs for the #CareAct check out these posts, I published within the past week

  1. Massachusetts #FemaleFounder Resources

I have always been an advocate for mental health being a priority when you are a #founder. There is no business without your mental stability as a founder, the mental wellness of your team and a place to just go. With a few experts making it clear that #Mentalhealth will be one of the single most challenges with social distancing with the rise of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. I wanted to be sure to share the few FREE resources available for #femalefounders to find the support they need during this time.

Free Online Therapy or Hotlines

When it comes to therapy there are a few…

Launching NEXT Week!

After making our announcement a few weeks ago. We felt like we needed to do more to help our community get past how lonely social distancing can be. So we went back to the drawing board and decided we are going to make dinner digital. Yep, you can join us for dinner online from NOW until further notice.

We are still going to be curating the conversation experiences, and working with partners for webinar experiences. So #FemaleFounders would still need to apply. This would allow us to keep each event between 12 to 16 founders each time. It is…

Rica Elysee

Founder & CEO of @BeautyLynk and Co-Founder of @atthetablehq

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