Headline: Brands Could Be The Next Target of Fake News in 2017

As soon as I saw that this article discussed the topic of “fake news”, I knew that this would cover valuable topics. This phenomenon is not new, according to the article, but since the presidential election in 2016, the use and spread of fake news has skyrocketed. This article makes the case that this phenomenon can start to affect brands, which can have disastrous effects. Once a fake news story starts circulating, the readers have already taken that information in and will be skeptical of taking in your brand. The article says that this absorption of information happens faster than it takes for actual journalists to fact check the claims and dispel any falsehoods. Some readers might not even encounter the real story, and go on believing the fake news.

The article states, however, that the first line of defense on this is “owned media.” Owned media “provides the ability to present your point of view without waiting for the media to call.” Therefore, the brand itself can react as quickly as possible before waiting for other media sources to start circulating the information. Having owned media will have a number of benefits. For example, it allows you to say more to the readership, increases traffic on your owned media, and builds credibility. This presents the brand as being responsive to its audience and one that tries to keep them as informed as possible.

This article is of extreme importance. Brands should have an active presence on social media for numerous reasons. However, as this article points out, this can lead to a defense against fake news that can ultimately ruin PR for a company.