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I’ve just finished my internship at a local tech company here in Boston, unfortunately no full time offer. But, I have got to keep the ball rolling and at the moment I’m working on my portfolio by building some impressive projects. One project I have wanted to work on for a while on is a web application for streaming. I think this would be a great time to begin a blog on how it’s going from start to finish. I don’t know to guess the length of time this project would take, but I would not give it less than month working on it everyday of course.

Unfortunately, I am not as experienced as a full stack developer as I would like to be, but this is a good opportunity to further learn how to become a better developer by getting more practice in with ES6, Html, CSS, React, and Redux. I would be lying if I felt I wasn’t feeling behind on the curve, but while my ‘hands are on the keyboard’ I feel as though I am advancing in my career.

What’s funny is that I did start this project with a group of friends I knew from UMass Boston, and we weren’t able to continue after a few weeks into the project. But we applied the scrum-agile methodology to working on this project, which I was able to learn a bit how to do during my first internship with Vistaprint. This project was left on the back-burner, but here I am now ready to continue it and finish it. What I want to get the most from this project of course is the experience. Learn what it takes to become a better full-stack developer and how to use the technologies that go into a web application. I intend to use MERN (Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS) tech stack, as that is what I am most familiar with out of all, with the exception of Mongo DB.

My motivation to finish this streaming app stems from the usage, which is a time consuming hobby I might add, of the streaming/dating app MeetMe. I have become so impressed and enamored with the app’s addiction on people. It’s evident that network interactions are becoming more and more prevalent. For those unfamiliar with MeetMe, it is a streaming app where a user record themselves in real time using their smart phone, the recording is streamed to other users attending the ‘stream’ and other users of the app can view and interact with streamer. The business model however is that the anyone and everyone in the app can gift each other ‘diamonds’ which are bought with real currency.

E.g. if I was enjoying the stream and wanted to show my appreciation to the streamer, I would purchase a bundle of diamonds that come in different packages to purchase. For 500 diamonds one would have to pay $4.99 as of this time, and the most expensive package at the moment is 14,500 diamonds for $99.99.

There is at the moment a whole community and culture being developed and growing amongst streamers and viewers. Currently in the app there are a great number of streamers who are constantly streaming almost every day if not every day and through their efforts they have made millions in diamonds from the donations of their viewers.

A lot of money is going through the app everyday, and I think this is a great opportunity to introduce a great and new application with less bugs than MeetMe and with a better UX, which bring me to my next point, the app is buggy, very buggy. The developers have been slow to address some major issues, such as streams crashing after long hours, unable to host guests in the stream, and comments are not visible at times. I intend on tackling these issues.

But here is where my journey to finish this project begins. I appreciate those who read my blog and would love input!



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