Why I’m splitting social media into professional & personal.

I’ve decided to create a Twitter account for work and use it to create a Medium account that I can then use to write about the goings on in the tech industry.

There are a few reasons for this and I thought it would be important to share these right at the beginning of the journey.

1. I want the largest audience possible, both professionally and personally.

In my personal life, I would never use a platform like Medium to share my views on topics that interest me. By contrast, in my professional life I don’t think I’ll ever use Instagram to share updates of what’s going on in the office. By separating to two online presences, I can keep everything defined and avoid any confusion.

Medium seems like a great platform to write articles without worrying about formatting and focus on the quality of the content. Twitter is an amazingly versatile platform that can be used for engagement at both personal and professional levels. However those that follow a twitter account do so for a consistent message. If you try to combine the two messages with one account then you won’t maximise the potential reach with each audience.

2. I don’t want a post from my past to negatively impact my future.

If I start writing about tech, and openly acknowledge that I work for a tech company (I do, I work for IBM*) then I am opening all sorts of doors for management to look into the way that I represent the companies brand online. They are well within their right to do this and I don’t see it as an invasion of privacy because it’s a publicly available social media account.

*I should caveat this point by saying that I don’t know what IBM does or does not do by way or monitoring or checking employees online presence.

3. I want to keep my memories available to those that they were shared with at the time.

I can almost guarantee that there are tweets or posts that I have made, shared, likes, retweeted or plagiarised that my management or future management won’t appreciate. I used twitter throughout college and university and I went into both of those chapters of life much less mature than I am now. However, the experiences that I shared in those years are important in having made me the person I am today and I don’t want to go through wiping the memory of how I became myself. If I did scan through and censor my old online presence then I would be erasing some, probably very fond or at least pertinent, memories.

4. My girlfriend hates my obsession with tech

and will moan if I use my existing accounts to write regularly about technology or business. This might not seem like an immediately obvious reason for splitting my online presence into two but I want to pick appropriate channels to reach the right audience with compelling messages. That means I shouldn’t be posting about the latest Nvidia GTX 1080 or Apple Watch 2 (I don’t really care about the Apple watch 2) on social media channels that have had years of my rugby teammates and girlfriend interactions.

What I’m trying to say it…

In conclusion, I am splitting my online presence into two to maximise my reach and engage with both a professional and personal audience in the best way possible. I am also attempting to keep a channel that I can use to engage with those in my personal life without needing to censor myself.

So, if you’re interested in what I might have to say about trends in the technology industry then connect with me on Linkedin, Twitter & Medium so we can share our thoughts.