The Top 3 Mobile Fundraising Tools For Your NonProfit

People are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets. What is really interesting is that people are spending more time on their apps. This white paper from comScore points out that “Total U.S. digital media time spent has jumped 24 percent in the past year, driven by a surge in mobile app usage, which increased 52 percent.”

Many organizations are switching their focus to mobile fundraising to integrate social media and mobile marketing. For nonprofits, mobile marketing will and can provide a whole new frontier to connect with potential donors. With so many mobile fundraising apps available you just have to spend some time with your team and figure out which one would fit your organization. Here are three apps that your nonprofit can use to compliment existing fundraising efforts.

  1. One Today — A popular mobile app created by Google that help connects your cause to potential donors. The app features various projects daily, letting users donate a dollar or more to the cause of their choosing. Use of the app could be huge for organizations looking to broaden their donor base and get in on micro-donations. If you are interested in adding One Today to your toolbox, double check and make sure you are a member of Google for Nonprofits and have valid 501(c) status.

2. Check In for Good — A crowdfunding application that businesses and non-profit organizations can use to raise awareness about their causes, establish partnerships and raise funds. Check-in for Good allows users to create their own “Cause Page” (free to sign up) and then work with participating retail businesses to collect micro-donations when someone checks in. Cause pages are then featured on the Check-in for Good website or its mobile app. Organizations can design numerous campaigns to meet multiple goals or concentrate on one specific campaign. You can even send “Thank You” messages to supporters and businesses — a very important part of the donation process.

3. Charity Miles — Turn your morning walk, afternoon run, or evening bike ride into money for charity. Utilizing a $1 million dollar sponsorship pool, the free mobile app tracks the miles you’ve traveled and makes a donation to the charity of your choice. Bikers earn 10 cent per mile and runner and walkers earn 25 cents. Everyone wins with Charity Miles — Corporations get a chance to partner up with charities, app users make donations while exercising and become sponsored athletes. Cause awareness is also factored into the app, users must be willing to get social and share their achievement on Twitter or Facebook.

Does your nonprofit plan to implement any of these mobile applications to bolster mobile fundraising?

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