Faith in Heart And Sunshine at Your Feet

Most of us went to middle school every day at the age of 14, monotonous but carefree life. But things are so different to an American girl named Elizabeth Smart when she was 14 years old. In fact, it was a nightmare to a little girl. Wreathed in pajamas and kidnapped from her home in Salt Lake City, Elizabeth was brought to a stocked campsite. In order to prevent her from escaping, the foxy kidnapper chained her with cables in the tent, kneeled upon her and raped her over and over again for the next nine months. Moreover, the disgusting captor was also a pervert who was addicted to hardcore pornography and was keen to imitate what were presented in those videos. Thanks to the persevering search, Elizabeth was recognized and rescued on a Sandy, Utah in March 2003.

Elizabeth’s nine-month nightmare ended and the story appeared over. Poor little Elizabeth was worth our sincere sympathy and bad guys deserved severe punishment, however, it is what Elizabeth’s mother said to her daughter that impressed me most. “Elizabeth,what these people have done to you is so terrible and you may never feel like restitution is made, but the best punishment that you could ever give them is to be happy.” She mentioned in a video posted to Youtube on August 19th, producedby Fight the New Drug, a non-profit group aimed at anti-porn. She took that wise advice and became an advocate for abuse prevention and anti-pornography. I cannot help showing my earnest respect to this lovely and brave girl.

By sharing Elizabeth’s story, I want to illuminate that it is important to have faith in heart. Faith, what faith? It is worth mentioning that I do not mean something specific, such as communism, religionism, but the power of optimism, especially faced with dark sides of the society, which could exist regardless of where we are. “If I cannot leave resentment behind me, I am still in prison.” South Africa former president Nelson Mandela said after 26-year injustice jail life. We choose to forget, choose to forgive, but we never give up fighting against the darkness. If Satan could not prevent us from longing for a beautiful life, the sun would always pour sparkling light at our feet.