Tales of my first meetup

Been a developer for 2 or more years, one would think some certain developer traditions would be observed such as using a dark-themed editor or maintaining a github commit streak. How about a more specific one like going to a gathering of other developers?

That last bit was something I needed to check off my list. Saturday was the day, 2pm was time, I was going for my first developer meetup officially and it was a Go-lang meetup bummer! Here’s a little side note I majorly write in Javascript and PHP 😬. It’s a developer meetup, true but I don’t even write Go. I mean the language is cool and powerful as far as I’ve been told but its not a language I actually write at work or in my free time, I may have been bored on a particular weekend and decided to complete the Go playground examples but I doubt I looked into the language after that. So the more interesting question here is why the heck did I go?

*stares off into space*

Well… In my head, I was checking something off my imaginary list but actually a friend of mine was going and I decided to tag along. In fact, I was the one that forced him to go, he’s a very hardcore Go developer because he literally writes nothing else these days other than Go and he was going to speak so yaay!

A day to the event I slapped out my phone looking for the location to the event, found out it was at Hotels.ng, I thought I was going to finally meet Mark Essien (CEO of Hotels.ng) lol but fate did not allow it. I got to the place and the event started, it wasn’t too long into the talks I figured out I was not the only noob Go developer there, half the people that came weren’t exactly Go developers but obviously were devs from other languages mostly PHP and Javascript because Go as I rightfully said in the meetup “Isn’t exactly a typical entry level language”, so it was a bit of a technical meetup. The speakers in the meetup including the friend of mine who spoke were just tearing into other developers and emphasized on the superiority of Go, I had to do something about that and immediately I stood up and spoke to the moderator about it then the other non-Go developers stood up in alliance with me for the justice of devs who don’t write Go. Actually no, the moderator was more like just deal with it Go is superior.

There was a talk about interfaces in Go and using Go for Mobile Application development to enhance application speed. Also, on the web browser for highly web performance web pages with faster load times, using Go to build your own apache or nginx literally and of course, the do’s and and dont’s about Go - the bad parts. How Go is almost 7,000 times faster than PHP (a guy actually googled this and it was the first article to pop up), it was really a sad day for developers not writing Go. There was also a mention of Go not having a package manager like npm because standard Go-lang has everything you would ever need and you might never get to use a library.

Bottom-line is, the meetup was fun, networking with other developers was also nice and my geeky-antenna was all over the place throwing geek slangs and jokes all through. Seemed like something to be done often.