IBM Watson Demonstrates Potential for Whole-Genome Sequencing

Since 2015, former Austin, Texas, resident Richard Busch has served as the founding principal at The Busch Group, which offers business management and consultancy services to tech companies. Earlier in his career, Richard Busch held senior positions at IBM and helped advance the Power Systems that support the Watson supercomputer.

Watson is a highly integrative artificial intelligence (AI) platform that facilitates the acceleration of operations for businesses in a wide range of industries. The supercomputer technology features several application program interface (API) options, as well as various software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. IBM continues to increase the sophistication of Watson, which has proven particularly helpful in the health care market.

A recent study published in Neurology Genetics demonstrated the capacity of IBM Watson for assisting with whole-genome sequencing. Clinicians utilizing the supercomputer found that it can generate actionable data in 10 minutes similar to that produced by researchers in 160 hours. The results give hope for the ability to increase the timeliness and precision of identifying viable therapy options for patients.

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