On finding and expressing your heart’s desire
Jonas Ellison

So, what was whispered into our hearts? What desire deep within? What do we fear giving attention to? And on the hero’s journey, what might we find buried within?

Have we traveled a distance from ourselves, leaving our hearts somewhere behind? Have we grown up in a culture of rules, with a call to conform, shaped from states of fear? And from these fears have we sought safety, predictability? Are we scared by the mystery of life, its uncertainty, questions, and unknown? Yet, is this the very thing that calls, innately to our soul? And with our rules, our conformity, have we built the walls that shape a prison for our soul. Are these the walls to scale, to set free the heart, and find the landscape of the soul?

It’s scary territory, to leave the “rules of the tribe”. What then will govern us? And that’s just it… “what then will govern us”? It becomes OUR responsibility, our discernment, now it’s our own compass that will guide… and …our consequences. Some are golden, some are foul, so our discernment is key. A path of trial and error, and listening within. This becomes “our” path, and gloriously so. We’re venturing out on our own, even if we find company of others along the way. We now have our own guide, a guide within. The one we must learn to trust. Maybe this is what calls, …the guide within. It wants, it craves, to express, and yes, …hand in hand with the divine.

What is this call, deep within? Could it be… intimacy. A call to intimately be with all… ourselves, one another, and the world we’re in. To come closer to all?

Sure, when we first acknowledge this call, we may be terrified. We’ve had a crack in the walls that define our narrow path, “how to live”, “how to see”, conventions of what we should be. Now we’ve felt our heart, a deeper call, to explore a foreign land… the mystical one within.

Yes, we have all sorts of defences, and habits created, from fear of judgement and ridicule. We’re embarking now on a path unique to us, yet curiously, common as well. We feel fresh air upon our skin, as we loosen and let go layers within. No longer do we concern ourselves with critique, but instead bring compassion to those steadfast and distant from this mystique. We find our way to another tribe, to other’s on this road. Here criticism seems to have fallen away, filling instead with love, acceptance and a spirit to explore, all offered quite freely to the new stranger.

Yes, we can have great resistance, some even to their last day. But if we ease our tight hold, the heart will naturally unfold. Our courage is to ease the hold, and let surrender take place, to ourselves, our call, and I dare say, the love we long to show. And as unique as each of us is, is the uniqueness of the love to give. It can infuse all we do and all we touch.

As you say, there is a treasure chest of gold… within.

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